3 Types of Truck Driver Negligence That May Contribute to a Crash


Comparing from a small vehicle to a large semi-truck, tanker trucks or flatbeds, the accidents get from small to severe or nearly death bed.

Trucks getting into a crashed situation gets 80% of the damage to the passengers. They get injured and severely hurt. But, if you can show that the accidents were due to the negligence of the truck driver then, you might be able to recover compensation. You might want to consider a Buffalo truck accident lawyer to help you out with your truck accident case.

However, you should also know the 3 main types of reasons that prove the truck driver’s negligence.

1.   Speeding

Long trips can be tedious.

We all are aware of long hour drives. Truck drivers want to reach their destination early as they’ve already driven for hundreds of miles. Many drivers have strict time constraints. This creates huge pressure on them and they try to drive fast in order to reach early, just like everyone else.

All this leads to truck drivers violating the speed limit. They usually take it very lightly and cross the limit before you know it. However, it is one of the reasons for horrendous truck accidents.

2.   HOS Violation

HOS: Hours of Service.

Truck drivers are limited to the number of hours they can or should work. There are multiple reasons behind it. However, it is highly neglected by many truck drivers. Making fast deliveries, they knowingly violate this rule and cross the limit that has been communicated to them on hours, days, and weekly basis.

Drivers and trucking companies willingly destroy the records of HOS violations to save themselves. Even though, if an accident occurs from their negligence, it is more likely to be caught.

3.   Impaired Driving

DUI: Driving Under the Influence.

Drunk and drugged driving is prohibited everywhere for all drivers. Long hours’ drive with miles to cover and desire to stay awake leads to drug usage. Truck drivers that cause accidents and are impaired get in serious trouble and are liable for any injury caused.

Final Verdict:

These are the most common reasons and types behind the negligence of a truck driver. It causes horrific accidents. Later, which are liable to the trucking industry as well.

It is better to know all these kinds of negligence before you consider hiring a truck driver or outsourcing one.