How to Maximize Performance of Tools for High-Speed Milling



Tools are designed to make work easier and faster. End mill manufacturers in the USA produce quality tools, and production companies rely on tools to increase work efficiency. But not all tools provide the desired result. Fortunately, you can take certain initiatives to maximize the performance of your tools. 

Here is how to make your milling tools more efficient.

Find the right tool

Many people want to save costs by investing in general tools where they only need to add more inserts. This sometimes reduces the performance of some tools since they end up being outdated. It is better to work with professional advisors who will help you to choose tools that will help you to deal with specific challenges. When finding the right tools, consider the following. Choose tools that have a rigid construction. Also, consider inserts that have been manufactured with micro-grain substrates. They provide a lot of stiffness and durability. 

Don’t overuse the tool

If you realize that a tool is effective for a certain amount of time, ensure that it does not exceed that time. Ideally, if an insert in your machine can produce up to 30 pieces of a product, ensure that you replace it after producing 25 pieces. 

Clean tool often

Proper maintenance of your tools should be an essential task. It prolongs the life of the tools and also improves your mood at work. After all, having a clean work environment is refreshing. Wipe metal surfaces, empty trash trays, and oil joints that need oiling regularly. This increases the efficiency of the tools. It will be great if you can conduct a routine checkup on our tools. Inspect the insert pockets, check for cracks, signs of wear and tear, and also check whatever is holding your insert. Ensure that the pin, clamp, or screw holding the insert is intact. 

Keep your tools cool

Adding high – pressure coolant (HPC) helps in improving the productivity of your cutting tools. It removes heat from the cutting zone, and this increases the cutting parameters. The increase in the parameters means there is an increase in speed. This also means that there is an increase in cutting speed. 

Document your work process

Track your job events and strategies, and encourage your employees to use them. This will ensure that the essential work knowledge is documented. In cases where top employees quit, they don’t leave with all the knowledge they have acquired. Other employees can refer to the documentation to run all machines, including milling machines. 

Consider the process angles

Sometimes, programming techniques can maximize productivity. The techniques with excellent tool paths can be handled by expert. 

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