How to play dice online


Online dice gambling or what is often called sicbo online is a game that is quite interesting. Where those of us who play dice online can generate excitement and also huge profits. Enjoying the best games available at the casino, of course now this can be done in a very easy way. And now you are highly recommended to play judi dadu online.

Guide on how to play dice online

To play online dice gambling using real money, of course everyone must have funds. Together with Agentdadu you can immediately process deposit transactions with various types of local banks in Indonesia. And for a deposit, you only need to prepare 10 thousand funds.

Bet Types and Rules of Online Dice Play

If you play online dice gambling, of course you will find many types of bets. And as a player, of course you are absolutely obliged to understand correctly what are the correct types of bets and online dice rules. Here several types of bets and rules for playing online dice are prepared for you, as follows:

Big Small Bet

Big and small is a type of online dice bet that is very common. Where to play big bets will start from numbers 11-17, and for small bets 4-10. For small bet payments is 1: 1.

Bet Odd Even

Odd-even is a type of online dice bet that is quite simple and interesting for you to play. Where to play odd bets will start from numbers 5,7,9,11,13,15,17, and for even 4,6,8,10,12,14,16. For the odd even bet payment is 1: 1.

Single Number Bet

The single number is a very interesting type of guessing number bet. Where a player will guess 1 number from 1 to 6. For those of you who flourish in guessing 1 number from 3 dice, the payout will be 1: 1. But if the number you guess is on 2 dice the payout is 1: 2 and so on.

Triple Dice Bet

Three-digit twin dice is a type of guessing number bet that can give you a huge profit value. Which is where you have to choose 1 number from 1 to 6, and to win, of course the number you guess must be on 3 dice. For the triple dice bet payment is 1:30.