How to Properly Keep a Mattress in a Storage Unit


Mattresses can be costly investments, so if the time comes to place yours in a mini storage for a short or extended period, doing it the right way is essential. Here are the key steps for proper mattress storage in a facility, so you can sleep soundly knowing it will be in good condition when you’re ready to bring it home.

Clean Mattresses Before Placing in a Mini Storage Facility

At minimum, run a good vacuum across the mattress and box springs and perhaps utilize an upholstery cleaner. Some find baking soda to be a good addition before vacuuming as an odor absorber before storing. Allow the bedding to air out before the next step.

Wrap Mattresses in Plastic

There are special bags designed to fit most bed types, but most individuals opt to use a large mover’s plastic roll that is somewhat breathable. The goal is to keep moisture out, as the mattress could easily be destroyed by mildew and mold—along with all the pathogens and irritants they harbor.

Transporting and Storing Mattress Properly

While it seems space-saving to lean mattresses on their side for transportation and storage placement, this can cause bending and compromise the bedding’s integrity.

This is particularly vital with foam and hybrid mattresses that can lose shape and structure easily. For this reason, avoid setting anything atop the mattresses once they are laid flat on the floor of the moving truck or storage facility.

Consider Climate Controlled Storage

If you plan to store mattresses long-term or live in a moisture prone or humid region, getting a climate controlled mini storage may be ideal. You might pay a bit more for this option, but heating and cooling controls will ultimately protect and preserve your items for effectively.