How to start an online business in the Dubai


Now a day, the e-commerce segment is developing worldwide. The term “e-business” was invented by IBM’s marketing and Internet team in 1996. The e-commerce division is steadily replacing traditional stores. This is especially marked in the field of trade in electronics, furniture, clothing, and household goods, and so on. Online business in Dubai, the e-commerce market is as worthwhile as the online markets in any other area.

Procedure to start an e-commerce business in Dubai

  1. Select the type of company
    Governments in this hub have their head office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Asia; notable events and people located in Dubai are also included. About top companies, start-ups, investments, extraordinary investors of these companies, their administration team, and recent news are also included.2. Choice of jurisdiction
    Businesspersons can start-up their company as a freelancer from a given authority that certifications a number of activities. The jurisdiction that offers freelancer permits to obtain a freelance license in Dubai Production City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Design District. It is important for a freelancer to choose an authority and beforehand check whether the attained activity is fitting to get a license.

    3. Visa Requirements
    An application form must be collected from the concerned authority. The application must be given in to the business plan, passport copy with residence visa, recommendation and reference letters by employers, resume, portfolio, and original qualification certificates and authorizations. Also, a good standing certificate from the referred bank certifying that the individual holds a satisfactory account and a NOC in case of a Dubai resident is essential.

    4. Choose and rent an office
    To acquire a Dubai freelancer license it is also necessary to rent an office space in the applied dominion. However, being the sole entity of the company there are several convenient options such as Flexi-desk, smart office, etc. Authorities also provide bundles for the license that include all these outlays.

    5. Get a license
    You have to pay as a state-wise requirement and need trade name registration, initial approval, and issuance of the license. In case you are looking to set up within a free zone, the license will have to be acquired from the relevant free zone authorities. The type of license allotted depends upon the nature of your online business.

    6. Open a corporate bank account
    Once you have positively done for an e-commerce trade license and established your business, you may allow setting up your corporate bank account, and the application process is quick and easy, you just have to look into which bank suits your needs