How to Take Care of Your Pacman Frog


Pacman frogs belong to the genus, Ceratophrys. They are large and have a roundish figure, along with glassy eyes and a big mouth. Their skin tones can be various shades of yellow. While the male grows only about 4 inches, a female Pacman can grow up to be 7 inches long. You cannot keep more than one Pacman frog in a tank as they are cannibalistic.

If you take good care of your Pacman frogs, they can live their full life cycle of 15 years or more. You can visit a resourceful site like for more information on these frogs.

  1. Habitat

You have to provide the right living conditions for Pacman frogs. Although they are not very active or jumpy, you still need a 10-gallon tank for a small frog, and for an adult, it could be 18 to 20 gallons. The tank should have a tight-fitting lid with space for ventilation.

The ideal substrate for their tanks is peat moss or sphagnum moss. Coir is also suitable, as long as they can burrow in. The substrate should be deep as they spend most of the time burying themselves.

  1. Hydration

Pacman frogs do not drink water. Instead, they absorb the moisture through their skin. A shallow bowl filled with water placed at the substrate level is ideal, as they can walk into it for soaking. Make sure the water isn’t too much as they may drown. The use of live plants in the tank will help maintain humidity.

You should also spray water on the other areas of the substrate twice or thrice a week to keep it moist. Too much heat and dehydration can be fatal to them as the skin becomes hard due to lack of water.

  1. Lighting and Temperature

Like some other reptiles, Pacman frogs cannot maintain their temperatures, so you will need an artificial lighting setup. The best ambient temperature for them is 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, do not place the tank in direct sunlight either, as too much heat will dehydrate their skin. Use broad-spectrum light over the tank and let it be in light for twelve hours of the day and darkness for the other twelve hours. Check out online resources to understand more.

  1. Feeding

Pacman frogs can eat a lot, so you should be careful about overfeeding them. They also only eat live food, as they like to hunt and ambush their prey. Try not to feed them too close as they might bite your fingers thinking it’s food.

You can include crickets, wax worms, and mealworms in their diet. You can provide your adult frogs small mice every three or four days. Dust their food with vitamin powder supplement thrice a week.

  1. Maintaining the Habitat

You should dedicate one day of the week to clean your Pacman frog’s tank. Place him in another container and thoroughly rinse the tank and the substrate without using detergent or chemicals. Rinse the plants too.

Avoid handling your frog with bare hands as the oil from humans is toxic for them. You should also wash your hand thoroughly to get rid of the salmonella that Pacman frogs secrete as it can be poisonous.

With these simple tips, you are all set to bring home and care for your Pacman frog pet.