KIDDIE KISSES – Korean children’s clothing


Kiddiekisses is a renowned Korean children’s clothing store located in Hong Kong. It caters high-quality and stylish Korean clothing for kids of all age group. Parents can enjoy the best quality Korean 童裝 at the best price through kiddiekisses.

Kiddiekisses manufacture children’s clothing in Korea and is delivered by air to Hong Kong. South Korea has a special law to ensure product safety especially for children. Infants’ and children’s textiles are restricted by this law. An authorized Korean testing agency must test their quality and must be certified. Coupled with government policy to promote the design industry, children’s clothing in South Korea is not only guaranteed quality, but also is unique in its fashion and design.

Kiddiekisses is coming up with the latest fashion trends and experiences that no other fashion store can provide for the kids. The uniqueness of kiddiekisses is the fact that it is exclusively for kids. The store has its own chief designer Kitty Ho, with ten years of design experience, to check corporate design guidelines and provide professional Korean fashion advices.

South Korea has a great demand for fashion and design industry and kiddiekisses has always made sure to cater to such a wide audience with the latest designs and trends at the best prices.

There is a deep interest in children’s clothing throughout South Korea, and it is also a good social responsibility to provide the best quality and safest children’s clothing products to the next generation of Korea. Quality is what matters the most.

The interesting aspect of children’s clothing is that there are no restrictions on the design. You can boldly follow various types of routes to design unique fashion and that is what kiddiekisses exactly does. Children’s skin is generally more sensitive than adults, and they design their clothes in a manner that is suitable for their skin types and at the same time does not compromise with its fashion and design.

Kiddie Kisses since targeted the market and joined as one of the children’s clothing stores in Hong Kong in the hope that the general public can get the highest quality clothes easily. It is safe and more fashionable at reasonable rates.

The Hong Kong children’s clothing store market is divided into South Korea, Japan and the mainland or remote countries. Since Kiddie Kisses joined the Hong Kong 童裝 store, it has been committed to making the clothes in Korea because South Korea has strict laws to regulate quality and its government has pushed the design industry.