LED Vs Halogen Headlights: Which Is Better For Your Car?


Headlights are a necessary part of the car as it helps to illuminate the roadway. It is because of these lights; we can drive through the dark road safely. Headlights and their light sources are the most important components of your vehicle that are relevant to safety. There are three types of car headlights: Halogen, Xenon, and LED Headlights. Today we are going to talk about two of them. Given below are the difference between Halogen and LED Headlights so that you can choose what suits you the best: 


Halogen headlight is a form of incandescent light bulb which uses a halogen gas and tungsten filament. This bulb lasts longer as after the evaporation of tungsten, the halogen gas allows it to be deposited again onto the filament. 

LEDs or Light-Emitting Diodes headlights use a semi-conductor diode to move electrons. It is very popular because of its distinctive looks and long life. They are a reliable source of light and only need little power to operate. 

Luminous Efficiency

Luminous Efficiency is defined as the amount of power produced as light, in contrast to the amount of electrical power drain. Better the luminous efficiency, brighter the light. 

The luminous efficiency of Halogen bulbs is only 2% – 4%. 

The luminous efficiency of LED bulbs is 10 times more efficient and brighter than Halogens.

Heat Emission

Halogen lights emit more heat as the majority of its charge is lost in the form of heat, whereas, LEDs generate much lower heat than Halogens. 


If you own a Halogen Bulb, you need to change it often, whereas, LEDs are wire and maintenance-free. If you own a LED bulb, you don’t need to change it often. 


The Halogen bulbs last for 1,000 hours, whereas, LEDs last for 15,000 hours. Although LEDs are more expensive than Halogen, their durability makes up for the cost.


Halogen is brighter than LEDs, but Halogen bulb can cause temporary blindness and can be the reason for an accident. Whereas LED is not too bright, and their illumination is decent. Also, it is advisable to buy car insurance, as it will provide you financial coverage in case of an accident.

Halogens Headlights take time to achieve full brightness. However, LED Headlights lights up immediately once they are turned on. This reduces the risk of accident as the driver behind you have enough time to step on the brakes.


Halogens Headlights are much cheaper than LEDs Bulbs. That’s why many automobile manufacturers around the world still prefer Halogen Bulbs over LEDs. Halogen Bulbs are versatile, primary driving headlights, and cost-effective. Whereas, if you opt for LED lights, which are much better than Halogen Bulbs, you need to spend some money. Yes, it is true the LED lights are not cheap, but the features they offer are worth spending on. 

With the difference mentioned above, you can now choose what is best for your car. Well, there is one more thing that is best for your car and that is motor insurance. Buying car insurance policy from reputable insurers will help you financially in case of an accident, theft, natural calamities, or vandalism.