Why Every Freight Business Must Use a Freight Forwarding Software


Over the past few years, the arena of logistics has seen a steep rise in new market participants as well as breakthroughs in technology. Apart from this, customer expectations have continued to evolve and have also seen a significant increase. This translates to freight forwarding companies being confronted with tremendous changes, which also means that new methods of trying to carve out more cost-efficient methods as well as developing new strategies have become essential to addressing these changes. Realizing how important technology is, companies today have started looking into sophisticated freight management software that can enhance their efficiency greatly and can provide better collaborative models as well.

Hence, if you are still wondering why you need a freight forwarding software for your business, we are going to list out a few reasons why:

  • Reason No.1 – Elimination of Human Errors: Most software today are programmed to be able to verify all the formats and also the information that is filled out in various documents, so as to avoid any manual error. This ends up saving you a lot of time and cost in trying to rectify the damage done by wrongly input data.
  • Reason No.2 – Increasing Your Efficiency: Giving you the flexibility to be able to connect to various internal modules or external databases and enabling the users to be able to import or export the necessary data in a very short amount of time makes freight management systems such an important addition to a logistics company. With no need to create multiple entries of the same information, you thereby enhance the efficiency of your workforce and help them in diverting their attention to other necessary tasks.
  • Reason No.3 – Organization and Optimisation of Information Storage: With the elimination of the need of having to print out copious amounts of physical copies of documents and then sorting them, being able to store all your data in one place and having it automatically organized can aid your business tremendously. With the option of cloud storage wiping out the need for setting up expensive servers you can also save up on extra costs. Apart from this, all the information that is stored, is generally encrypted hence it is much safer than any form of traditional storage of data.
  • Reason No.4 – Real-Time Visibility and Ease of Access: Owing to the fact that most airfreight software is web-based, this means that you can have access to the software on any device at any time. Real-time visibility means that the various stakeholders i.e. carriers, consignees as well as freight forwarders, will always have up to date information regarding the conditions of the cargo and in case there arises any unexpected situation, quick decisions can be taken in terms of remedial measures in advance and not when it’s too late.
  • Reason No.5 – Enhances Consumer Experience: Most software today has features that help logistics companies in being able to communicate and interact with the customers. Having access to the best CRM for logistics means that you can provide your consumers with enhanced end-to-end shipment visibility, address their queries, and also offer them much more accurate information by giving them a complete overview on a single platform. Customer satisfaction is a priority for any company to be able to succeed, hence having the right kind of software system goes a long way in achieving that.

Having a freight management system that is in line with the industry standards, has processes integrated within, and is able to automate all your important documents is essential in order to gain a competitive edge in the freight forwarding industry. Having the best logistics ERP software is like having the best team of employees working 24×7 for your business, which can help you in increasing your efficiency as well as eliminate any sort of revenue leakage. Thus having access to the right software is the kind of value addition that every business needs.

To know more about how freight logistics software can help you in transforming your business, reach out to us at ShipThis and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free demo.

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