Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at DIY Ways to Increase Your Home’s Efficiency for Summer



Not everyone can afford solar panels or brand-new energy-efficient appliances. But that shouldn’t stop you from becoming energy efficient. There are numerous hacks that you can use to save tons of electricity. They may not be as good as the more expensive solutions but are viable in case you have limited options. In this list, Mark Roemer Oakland discusses various DIY ways you can increase your home’s efficiency during the summer. Let’s take a look at some of those solutions below:

The Solutions

  1. Energy Audits- In addition to providing an accurate estimation of your energy expenditure, an audit also helps you identify possible regions in your household where you might be losing electricity, due to faulty wiring and defective equipment.

The best you can get from an audit is by contacting the respective electric supply company and have a professional look at your interior wiring. Even if they cannot provide service, they can surely recommend someone who is familiar in the field of work and can help you create an energy-efficient plan.

  1. Attic Insulation- In addition to attics, you might also want to take care of drafty doors and windows. These sections of the home allow passage to cool air, forcing the air conditioning to work harder than usual, resulting in a hefty electricity bill.

Besides doors and windows, attics are the most vulnerable aspect of home insulation. The best way to solve the problem is to seal off the loft and open it during emergencies only. You can save as much as 15% in terms of cooling and heating costs when you take steps to insulate your attic space.

  1. Switch to more energy-efficient lights- The market offers several energy-efficient light bulbs. They are quite cheaper compared to installing a solar panel. There are LEDs, CFLs, and halogen incandescent, and they specialize in their domain. LEDs can save up to 25%-30% of your household electricity, and they are being adopted all around the globe.

Though these lights can be a bit expensive, they can help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars in the future. Think of it as a reliable investment for your future household. 

  1. Ceiling fans- Although ceiling fans are not as efficient as air conditioners, they do a decent job of keeping the person sitting beneath quite happy and satisfied. 

Ceiling fans also consume a fraction of the electricity compared to room cooling facilities. They are cheaper and are oftentimes quite effective in households that cannot afford central cooling services.

  1. Windows- Sealing off doors and windows are only half of the equation. There are several kinds of windowpanes that have air in-between the glasses. This ensures the heat from the inside does not escape.


These can be somewhat expensive but are still cheaper than getting a solar panel. There are many ways you can increase your home’s efficiency, such as keeping appliances clean so that they operate optimally. There are endless possibilities, and these tips shared by Mark Roemer Oakland should help you get started on your journey.