Overwatch Guides: How to get better as HitScan player


This is an advanced Overwatch guide that requires at least the basic knowledge of such Overwatch terms like HitScan, Projectiles, Strafing, Flicking and Tracking. But if you are a newcomer to the Overwatch here is each of these terms in brief:

  • HitScan heroes – heroes whose attacks immediately reaches the target, without any travel time;
  • Projectiles heroes – heroes whose attacks (bullets) requires some time to reach the target, travel time may vary from fast to extremely slow;
  • Strafing – the process of running from side to side, to decrease the chances of being easily killed by enemies;
  • Flicking – the aiming style. Long story short – such style that requires precise movements of the crosshair to quickly aim at the target then shoot;
  • Tracking – the aiming style. The continuous process of keeping an enemy in the center of your crosshair.

But let’s start with my guide!

Corner Peeking

Corner peeking is one of the basic moves of every FPS game, but most of the players have no idea how to use it in-game efficiently. Like they keep doing this even knowing that enemies have such players like Ashe or Widowmaker, that are created to punish for such little mistakes.

They will not miss a chance and will land you a headshot that might cost you the whole game. If you are forced to walk from behind the cover you need to act unpredictably – like come from the hide crouching or jumping. It will give you some spare seconds that could be used to quickly delete an enemy sniper or to find the next shelter.

Hide Your Head

The next trick that could save you life is simple – if you are in the worst possible situation you need to quickly turn your character around. In the Overwatch, most of the heroes have such head hitboxes that is almost impossible to hit from such an angle. That is extremely important if you are want to master jump-shots (Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook and Ashe’s Coach Gun).

You cannot control your movement mid-air and that is the most incredible thing for every flicking player. So remember one simple rule – if you are jumping toward the enemy, always turn your head around to avoid an easy headshot.

Who is Better in Crouching?

If you are dueling with the professional Widowmaker, Ashe, or Ana player you can be sure that he will 100% aim to your head to quickly delete you from the battleground. That us why you need to randomly press the crouching button from time to time, this is requirable win condition in the most 1×1 sniper duels, the best boosters from https://expertboosting.com could outplay everyone. Always keep in mind that in Overwatch almost every hitscan sniper has a lethal headshot, that is why you need to abuse these short periods between the shots to counter your opponent. But if you will not crouch one time, you will be too dead to use this gap:)

Every Overwatch player has his own patter, all you need to do is to memorize it and dodge his shots with crouching. But do not use it too often, he will definitely adjust his aiming special for you. So you need to learn how to predict the action of your enemy and when you will be sure about the next move, quickly press control and dodge-crouch this lethal attack.