Phases of Music production


Getting acquainted

It is not uncommon to be nervous on your first day. Just ease into the atmosphere and relax. It’s a new ambience but you’ll get used to it.

Song production

This is the part where you work in close coordination with the music producer. They will take care of all technical aspects like the addition of new instruments and changes in the nuances of the music track, such as drum and bass. You can control the creative process to meet an ideal that can appeal to a large audience.

Recording the rhythm, harmonies, and melodies

The rhythm is the cornerstone of any given song. A rhythm section consists of bass, drums, and guitar. It can also be a large collaborative group with keyboards, percussionists, which may include organs or auxiliary string players.

Harmony is basically a chord structure. It is the composition of the sounds, frequencies, tones, pitches, and notes.

Melody is the tune that goes with the song. It is the amalgamation of pitch and rhythm.


Once the music has been recorded, the artist records his voice as the preamble to the song. In this stage, he will be allowed to sing as many times as he likes, until it is mixed to perfection. Songmills studio mixing can showcase the true potential of your music track through the aid of expert mixing engineers and the latest equipment.

There are different kinds of singers. Some prefer to sing as a whole take and others like to break it down and sing bit by bit. Some versatile artistscan sing with different effects, while others have a flat voice. In either case, your music producer will have a whole lot of tricks up his sleeve to find the right approach for you.

The song performance takes place at the vocal booth with headphones on. It may seem a bit odd at first but with the music echoing in your ears, it feels like a different world where you find yourself firmly entrenched with the track. The initial takes are known as “test takes”; where the producer sets up things to warm you up.

It’s important to be comfortable with your surroundings. Keep in mind that you don’t have to choke under the pressure of giving it your best in one straight shot. The producer alleviates that burden for you by compiling the best bits of all your takes.