Reasons to Avoid Traveling Lite and the Need to Bring the Portable Berkey Water Purifiers With You


Traveling lite seems to be a thing in recent years. People save more money when they don’t bring plenty of stuff with them. Airlines also offer promotions to passengers who decide not to bring lots of items during the flight. Although it seems like an ideal travel method, it’s not. You might regret not bringing everything you need during the trip. It includes the portable Berkey water purifiers. If you’re heading to places without access to clean water, you might be dehydrated. Worse, you could suffer from waterborne illnesses.

Therefore, even if you have to carry the water purifier with you, it’s okay. It’s not the only heavy item that you might need during the trip. Traveling lite is just not ideal for tons of reasons.

You can’t leave anything important behind

When you decide that you’re going to travel light, you have to leave a couple of things behind. You might even reduce the number of bags to take with you. Even if you’ve already finished packing, you will go through the process again because your luggage is still beyond the limit. In the process, you start eliminating the things you still need. You will force yourself to choose between two items you couldn’t travel without. Before you know it, you barely have anything left in your bag. It’s only upon arrival when you realize that you shouldn’t have done it. You made a terrible decision to leave several items behind.

You could end up spending more 

Your primary reason for traveling lite is to save money. Airlines can give you a considerable discount if you don’t travel with extra luggage. The same thing applies to other modes of transportation. Your justification is understandable, and it’s a good thing to be practical. The problem is when you left behind plenty of items. You have no choice but to buy them at your destination. For instance, if you left the purifier, you will keep spending money on bottled water. If you left necessary toiletries, you would buy them upon arrival too. Since you have to travel lite going back, you have no choice but to throw away whatever is more than what you brought. You will spend more after you compute the overall expenditures.

Comfort and convenience are more important 

When you travel, being practical helps. Traveling can be costly, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. However, it doesn’t mean you will sacrifice comfort and convenience. You should still make sure you feel comfortable throughout the trip. Otherwise, yup will regret going on the trip in the first place. When you have to leave all essentials behind, it can be frustrating. As you open your bag, you couldn’t find what you need. Even your skincare products have to go because you’re already beyond the limits. Worse, you might decide to leave your medicine kit and hope that everything goes well. You place your health at risk so you can save money, and it’s not a good thing. You will even end up paying more for hospital bills because you didn’t receive immediate medical attention.

You might not enjoy your trip

If the entire trip becomes inconvenient, you won’t feel satisfied anymore. You will keep looking for things you don’t have and blame yourself for the decision. You won’t be in the mood to take photos because you keep repeating your clothes. You also can’t appreciate what’s going on around you because your mind is on the things you left back home.

You also want to bring something home 

After the trip, you hope you can take some souvenirs to bring to your family and friends. Since you have to worry about going beyond the limits, you decide not to buy anything. You can’t even have something for yourself to remember the trip by. The trip was supposed to help create great memories. If you couldn’t buy what you want, there’s no point in traveling.

It’s terrible for your children 

Your children will even be more uncomfortable if you decide to travel lite. They have more needs than you. Sacrificing their needs so you can save money isn’t ideal at all. Just cancel your trip if money is an issue. You don’t want your children to end up getting ill because they don’t have medicines. You might also decide to leave their food behind even if you know they have food restrictions. If you can’t give what your children need, they won’t stop crying. It could ruin the entire trip. If your children get sick, you will spend more on hospital bills. It’s even worse if you don’t have comprehensive health insurance. In your effort to reduce the cost, you end up spending more.

You might cut your trip short 

Given how inconvenient your trip has become, you might just decide to cut the trip short and head home. You don’t enjoy the trip anymore, and it’s one problem after another. If you choose to purchase the items you left home, you could rack up more expenses. The goal of traveling is to have fun and spend time with your family. If you can’t achieve it because you tried to reduce the costs drastically, it’s not worth pursuing.

The point is that traveling lite isn’t for everyone. Some people might be okay with it, but it depends on the circumstance. The number of days you allotted for the trip could also affect this decision. If you’re only going away for a day or two, you might be okay to feel inconvenienced. However, if your trip lasts for several days, you might give up.

Being practical is understandable, and you should find ways to reduce the expenses whenever possible. If it means that you have to wait until a discounted air ticket is available, you have to do it. Just don’t choose traveling lite as the first option if there are other ways to save money.