Primary Add-On Covers You Must Look Out for While Buying Bike Insurance Online


Any person who has ever bought a two-wheeler knows that along with the vehicle they had to buy an insurance policy which is mandatory in India. Now there are different types of two-wheeler insurance policies, chiefly third-party insurance policies and a comprehensive insurance policy. Whereas the former offers cover for damages or losses caused to the vehicle or assets of a third party, plus physical injuries or death of a third party, as well as a personal accident cover, it does not offer “own damage” cover to the policyholder – which a comprehensive policy does. Nowadays it is easy to buy bike insurance online.

What Are Add-Ons in Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Most two-wheeler dealers factor in the premium for the first year with the cost of the vehicle, which makes it incumbent on the buyer to renew the policy in subsequent years. However, these policies are basic policies and do not offer cover for vehicle accessories, zero depreciation, injuries cause to pillion riders, etc. These are called add-ons and to buy cover for these you will have to shell out extra premium. You must also remember that not all insurance companies will offer you cover for such add-ons, so be careful while selecting the company from which you buy your two-wheeler insurance. Consider Bharti AXA GIs as they not only provide such add-on coverage but their plans are also very flexible.

The Common Add-Ons to Look Out For

  • Accessories: Two-wheeler insurance policies do not offer cover for accessories which you may have bought with your vehicle, and if they are expensive you would naturally want to insure them as well. If such is the case you can buy extra cover for your vehicle with your policy by paying extra premium.
  • Pillion rider cover: Your basic insurance policy will not cover expenses you may have to incur for injuries caused to the pillion rider, which may turn out to be a big burden on you. To have peace of mind on this count, therefore, you can pay extra premium and buy additional cover explicitly for this purpose.
  • Medical cover and cashless hospitalization: Ensure that your two-wheeler insurance policy covers the medical expenses that you may have to incur in case of an accident, as this can be a heavy cost. It would also be convenient if your two-wheeler policy has tied up with a network of hospitals to offer cashless hospitalizations as it can save you a lot of hassles. Make sure you check out the policies offered by Bharti AXA GI as they may have coverage for a lot of these add-ons.
  • Roadside support: Another important add-on to keep your eye out for is whether your policy provides you with roadside support like towing services, on-site repairs, inconveniences cause by tyre punctures, etc. Such add-ons would come in very handy is you have to frequently drive long-distances, or inter-city commutes, particularly on highways, where such support may not be readily available for several miles at a stretch.

So, the next time you buy your bike insurance online make sure that you have coverage for all the eventualities you may encounter in which you may need such add-on coverage as mentioned above in your policies.