Why is it Essential to Learn English?


Language and communication are essential parts of our life which we can never leave or avoid. From the time of our birth, we are made to learn the language. While mother tongue stands most important for any individual, there is one essential language and nowadays kind of compulsory for every individual to know.

The English language is the largest spoken foreign language. English is used for all International communication, documentation, education, business, entertainment, and in many other aspects. English as a language is used in every field of our life. So it is very essential to learn English in the first hand.

With the widespread popularity of English, almost every school provides its students with English education. Even if any school does not provide any such facility or you want your self- improve your English speaking and writing, there are plenty many websites and applications where one can learn English online (Belajar Bahasa inggris online, which is the term in Indonesian).

Now the question arises, why is it necessary to learn English. So let’s have a looks at the reasons.

Why English learning is Important?


  • English is the language for International Communication: It is the largest spoken foreign language and a common language for all the countries to communicate and for the documentation work.
  • English is essential for business: Almost all legal documents are written in English, so as a business person, one has to know how to read and write English so that he/she is not fooled by anyone.
  • For Employment: Without proper knowledge of English, no companies take employees. It is one of the top priorities of every company that the candidate should be able to speak, write and understand English.
  • Gives you a higher societal status: Taking into consideration the Indian scenario, English speaking was a few years back and still is in some parts of the country to be a sign of being educated and of higher social class.


English is the most important language as of now. You can travel to various places without facing any communication barrier if you know English. You can easily get access to various cultures with one single language. English is the language used on the internet. With everyone so eager to learn English, there are many sources where you can learn English online at the ease and comfort of your home. These classes do not cost much and have time-flexibility. English is the language of the present and the future, so everyone needs to learn English.