Reasons Why You Should Always Compare Android And iPhone Before Buying Any Of These


There seems like a competition between the people using iPhones and others using an Android-based Smartphone. Each category has its own fan following and/or number of users. There are online platforms such as Movical that bring to you an expansive range of selection after comparing the features online.

Below are the reasons why you should always compare before buying any one of these two:

  1. No Back Button in iPhone

Yes, don’t be surprised! There’s no ‘Back’ button in iPhone. This button is available in all the Android Smartphones. Of course, there are back buttons in Apps; however, an in-built back button feature makes you feel more comfortable when browsing on your phone. Sometimes, you badly miss this feature on the iPhone.

  1. Regular and better iOS updates

Almost all the Android Smartphones, after a certain period of time, demand a system update failing which the phone starts running slower. iPhones receive such update notifications directly from Apple and so these updates are safer and faster.

  1. iPhones are highly priced

There are many Android-based Smartphones that are easily available in the market at much affordable costs. iPhones charge you a bomb as the features in iPhones are quite advanced and it keeps updating itself regularly without causing any hindrance.

  1. iPhones value privacy more

Apple is a company that keeps advising people about the current standards of privacy. You are being asked every time beforehand Apple is about to collect your personal data. This is not the case in Android-based Smartphone. Google retrieves all the personal information of its Andriod customers.

  1. iPhones have no expandable storage

Android offers a variety of hardware options when it comes to storing data. Most of the Android-based Smartphones contain a slot for a micro SD card in which you can store your data. You can check these features on online platforms such as Movical.

Please remember the above-mentioned points to reason out your next purchase.