Smartest and the Most Effecting Betting Tips


In this math, in order to regularly win against bookmakers, you need to understand sports better than they do. But bookmakers make money to understand sports better than their customers. But even if we fly into the future and find out the results of the match, it turns out that the bookmakers have provided this option and underestimated the odds.

If the 먹튀 뉴스 site bookmaker believes that the adequate coefficient is 2, then in the line he gives a lower coefficient, for example 1.85. If we bet 100 rubles on this outcome, we will win only 185, and the chance is still 50%.

This is best described by the circuit. Look: we have two matches, for each we bet 100 rubles. In one case we lose, in the second we win. After these two bets, we stayed “at our place” for the ideal bookmaker, while for the ordinary we lost 15 $:

Chance to win – 50%

This is not fraud, but bookmaker margin like everyone else, bookmakers need to earn money. The usual bookmaker margin is 7.5%: if the bookmaker believes that there is an adequate coefficient of 2, then for players it will be 1.85. Usually, players do not suspect that they are betting on low odds – only bookmakers know how and what they considered.

This is why expresses are more unprofitable than odnars: in an express, underestimated odds are multiplied by different outcomes and the total bookmaker margin becomes larger.

Odds math wins any predictions. Even if the experts are very knowledgeable in sports and offer the right strategy, only the bookmakers decide how much you win or lose. They take their margin regardless of whether you win or not. Mathematical expectation is always in their favor.


Bonus – this is additional money in the game account at the bookmaker, which the player receives after the first deposit. Usually they make up 50-100% of its total. They put 10 thousand rubles into the account – they got another 10 thousand.

At first glance, it seems that with the help of bonuses, bookmakers share part of their margin with players. You can distribute the amounts among different bookmakers and earn a lot of money. But this is not at all true.

The problem is that bonuses have rules and conditions due to which they cease to be profitable. Like all self-respecting terms and conditions, they are not visible, but hidden behind links and asterisks. And sometimes there are no links you have to look for conditions in the bowels of the betting site, in sections of promotions or bonuses.

The main catch is that bonus money cannot be withdrawn immediately. First you need to make bets for a certain amount “wager the bonus.” The amount that is needed for this is called a rollover.

The main condition for withdrawing bonus money is to put 20 times more money. Even for bookies it’s very greedy.