A guide for becoming a customs agent


Customs agents or brokers are presented with the challenge of ensuring that criminals or dangerous persons aren’t able to get into the country. The duties can vary considerably in nature, based on whether there is a valid safety risk or not. The brokers should be capable enough to stay calm under pressure while working for both firm and an individual. Before you begin to work as a customs agent, you need to understand the obligations, rights, and duties related to the profession. This article can help those who would like to opt for a career as a customs broker.

The role of a customs agent

The brokers working for Customs and Border Patrol are responsible for keeping away weapons, terrorists, and harmful personalities entering the border, while also preventing illegal smuggling and immigration. Agents should have an in-depth knowledge of customs clearance and immigration regulations. From land to airport border crossings, customs brokers act as a first line of defence against notable risks. With the increased alarms over immigration, customs taxes, and public safety, many people are applying for the position of customs agent.

Education and qualification 

Before being accepted as customs agents in Canada, you need to successfully complete the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Courses and also obtain a driver licence. You should be aware of the code of conduct to meet all BSO requirements. You need to pass certain exams and clear personal interviews, based on the agency’s requirements. Being a customs broker has its fair share of opportunities and paybacks for career growth. 

Enrol for an internship program

Some universities offer the opportunity to sign up for internship program to complete the fieldwork. You can gain experience to work in real-world settings with federal agencies.  Being a customs agent, you may need to interact with individuals from across the globe. Apart from having a proficiency in English, it will be great if you can have a knack to converse with other foreign languages. 

Understanding the legal aspects

Understanding the every aspect of law related to customs clearance activities is essential to establish a career in customs clearance business. The main activity of a customs broker is to provide customs clearance service and helping traders exporting and importing products in and out of the European Union. 

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