Some Interesting Things About Mobile Security Auditing To Know


As per the latest security data, over two-thirds of large organisations have been breached via mobile. To prevent and decrease security breaches, there is an ardent need to recognise the security loopholes. A detailed security audit usually involves checking the network segmentation along with static apps and their components. 

Mobile security audits also comprise discovering vulnerabilities through security testing of the app. Mobile penetration testing is also quite adept in preventing future attacks by identifying and mitigating risks.    

Launch Apps without Worrying about their Security

Before launching any app and making it available to users, a security audit is of utmost importance. The mobile app passes through mandatory technical testing to ensure it meets all security policies. Also, the app needs to be aligned with the operational requirements. And in order to be aligned with operational alignments, necessary security audits are crucial. 

Assists you to Render Change in the Architecture

Through mobile security audit, you can discover potential security breaches after the app goes live. A comprehensive mobile security audit comprises analysing the source code, bottlenecks along with attack vectors. If you identify the risks associated with architecture in the later stage, you may lose users. No one wants to use an app which doesn’t comply with security policies. By recognising the security risks with pen testing, you can also change the code of the app.  

Mobile pen tests not only analyses the source code but also examines the behaviour of the app in the long run. When hackers want to steal data, they usually hack web services. Mobile pen tests are an ideal way to identify security loopholes in the web services. One needs to adopt a structured approach while executing mobile security audits.

And if the process of mobile pen-testing seems complicated, Security for Everyone is always there for your rescue.