Steps and Tips to Calculate the Size of Your Bra


Have you ever been stranded on finding the perfect bra measure that fits your breasts? The only reason could be that you may not have calculated your bust size correctly. 

Getting the right bra that favours your health and appearance is simple when using a bra size calculator. To find out your correct bra size, you should indicate your chest and breast measurement. 

Here is how to take these measurements correctly using a bra size calculator:

Measure the Size of Your Contour

Take a tape measure and place it under your bust; there you will have your “chest size.” Your arms should be down when doing it. 

Make sure the tape is well placed, allowing the passage of only two fingers for comfort. Avoid leaving a lot of space, but at the same time do not tighten the tape. Remember that the contour will be what will hold your breasts, not the braces.

A Couple of Calculations and Get the Bra Size

Once you have the chest measurement, add the result 5 inches and round it to the nearest bra size. These are the American bra sizes that are commonly used: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40.

For example, if it came out 30 inches (76 cm) and you add 5 inches (12cm), you will have 35 inches. If you round that final result to the next number of bra sizes, it will be 36.

Calculate the Cup Size

Put on a cloth or cotton bra to obtain a comfortable and adjustable measure for your breasts. Then, using a measuring tape, place the tape at the height of your nipples and measure your bust. 

To the number you get, add the measurement of your thoracic size, the final result you get from this difference will be the size of the cup you need.

Again, convert the centimetres you get to inches and round to an integer. For example, 5 cm is 1.96 inches, and rounded would be 2 inches, that’s Cup B. 

Also consider international sizes, depending on the bra you wish to purchase. If you want to find out your size, you can check the bra size calculator India.

Final Tips

  1. Whatever size you get using the bra size calculator, the central part of the support must be flat. The area between the cups should be attached to your chest, without pressing your skin too much. If it is not flat, then it’s not an appropriate measure.
  2. Recognize your sister sizes. Play proportionally with your contour size and cup. That is, if you reduce two contour sizes, increase the cup or vice versa. For example, you can go from a size 36 C to a 34 D or from a 36 C to a 38 B. 
  3. Avoid the annoying “four breasts”. When the cup is too small, it makes the breasts protrude above the bra. Therefore, look for a bra that has a smooth curve in addition to a precise silhouette to the shape of your bust.