Storage Services in Thailand Started to Take Off


With evolving demographics, changing lifestyle, economic growth, and most importantly urbanization as according to the United Nations, half of Thailand’s population now live in urban areas there is significant in the market of storage spaces. And as Thailand grew into one of the most popular holiday destinations, these market places are now booming than ever.

The first Storage in Thailand operators came into the business 15 years ago in Bangkok metropolitan region and they are still operating there now. As Bangkok metropolitan region is home to 40% of Thailand’s urban population and generates more than half the nation’s GDP it is home to most of the country’s self-storage operators. There are also some operators in second-tier cities like Phuket and Pattaya.

Though business increases due to residential demand according to research much of the recent industry expansion is due to non-residential demand. Most of the current demand is coming from entrepreneurs and SMEs who are looking for flexible storage for their e-commerce business and from smaller offices looking for a more flexible office environment.

Box Storage in Thailand services not only cater to people with different needs they are also tailored for them. From storing cotton and silk material to cold storage they covered it all. They provide services like delivery anywhere in Thailand, loading, and unloading of goods, full equipment required at places, expansive services such as pressing, bubble wrap, container boxes, and security services also.

Storage Service for Price Stabilization

Prices of goods are dropped when there is abundance and in the time of scarcity prices become steep. Storing goods for these causes helped Thailand like any other country to stabilize its economy.

Though there is always a risk of theft, damage, fire, etc. Storage spaces are built in a way to withstand extreme conditions and minimizing these risks.

Other Factors in The Self-Storage Industry

The success of storage operators not only depends on their flexibility of services and catering to different needs of the customers but also on their locations which are easily accessible by car and public transport and have simultaneously crafted marketing strategies to target specific clients on that location.

Future Of This Industry

On the demand side, it is expected that there will be further growth in the self-storage industry, with significant potential for future demand from small e-commerce companies. As Thailand is currently Southeast Asia’s 2nd largest e-commerce market, they are expected to grow 4x by 2025 which will further help with the expansion of the self-storage industry.