How to make use of polished plasterers in commercial areas?


The use of polished plasters, especially Venetian plaster can be dated back to the 16th century. This plaster was mostly used by the Romans and was mostly seen on the walls, columns, archways of Italy, Greece and Romania. Because of the huge versatility of this material as you can see here, it is used in most of the five star properties, art galleries and restaurants.

Are you looking forward to redecorate your commercial area? Consider using polished plasters for the ceilings and wall surfaces because it will give a wow factor to your space. Various combinations of ingredients are used like limestone, marble dust etc. With each unique combination of ingredients, you will get different types of texture and color. Because of the marble appearance, most of the people like to make use of polished concretes to enhance the appearance of the commercial space. Also, it gives your clients an impression about you and your company. With such luxurious appearance, your employees will be willing to spend more time inside the office. Looking for the best designs? Visit this web to check the portfolios and designs. This material is suitable both for walls and floors.

Various applications of polished plasters in Commercial space:

Commercial spaces are official spaces where most of the important discussions take place and you share some memorable experiences with clients and customers. It is also an essential place because you create an impression on the minds of your clients. So it is essential to know how these polished plasters can be used in your commercial area.

  • Walls– The most common application in commercial area is the walls. This material is perfect for giving a marble like wall finishes and they can also reflect light. So it can light up the dark spaces and make the area look bigger than its actual size.
  • Ceilings– Another common application is on the ceilings. You can directly match the color contrast of the walls and ceiling by using this plaster.
  • Columns– Most of the columns is made up of marbles. This is however applicable in grand settings. You can use polished plaster as a substitute for marble because it provides a marble like finish at an affordable price.
  • Archways– Many offices make use of archways as open doors which serves as the talking point for the visitors. Polished plaster is an outstanding material that can be used in Archways.

Besides this, you can use polished plaster in wet areas, as a decorative finish as well as in uneven surfaces. The appearance makes it a luxurious and classy choice for home and office improvement.