The Airsoft Pistols in the Perfect Solutions


The pistol that projects one ball at a time is called a spring replica. Each time you want to fire, you must rearm the breech. The mechanics of spring ball pistols are very robust, requiring very little maintenance. However, spring pistol is not the best choice for team games.

The ball guns operate with a battery. The majority of AEG replicas can operate in burst mode, and their power is regulated for competition. Before you find out how to buy a better value gun, this is the crucial information you need to know. A visit to makes the whole process perfect.

The power of the replica

The choice of the ball pistol depends above all on its power. The vast majority of airsoft practitioners seek power above all and leave precision aside. You should know that not all airsoft replicas can be used as a team. Indeed, for security reasons, airsoft clubs do not accept the use of ball pistols whose power is greater than 330 FPS. The pistols with ball which have a considerable firepower are reserved for individual use. Depending on the use you want to make of it, our buying guide for the best ball pistols recommends medium power replicas for mixed use.

Complementary accessories

It is quite possible to equip the ball pistol with additional accessories such as real sights, tactical lights or infrared sights. It must therefore be checked that the ball pistol can be fitted with rails on the top, sides or top of the barrel. Camouflage is also a very interesting option that seasoned practitioners highly appreciate.

Now you just have to find where to buy a new ball pistol that meets your expectations. To make the most of your replica, you can make all the improvements you want.

The 5 Best Ball Guns of 2020

Weapon and shooter lover? The choice of a ball pistol is not an easy choice especially when you know that this type of weapon uses different means to propel the balls according to the model. There are those who use compressed air, pressurized gas, battery or spring. So read this comparison to give you a better idea and to guide you in your choice during your quest for the best ball pistol.

Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII E0005

Main advantage

What users especially appreciate about this nerve gun is its great power. With it, you will have no trouble reaching a target, even if it is at a good distance.

Most addicted to this toy complain a little, because the number of balls is insufficient. Indeed, with only 5, you will quickly run out of ammo. In addition, these can be easily lost under furniture or in the bushes if you play outside. This nerf gun is very well made. In addition to a nice, very compact design, it is very powerful. Furthermore, its cost is affordable to all.

Easy to reload nerve gun

When a war of nerves is in full swing, you have to know how to reload your weapon very quickly. Still it must be easy to recharge. Indeed, if you take too long to do it, you can be hit by your attackers. Fortunately for you, this nerf gun is very easy to reload. Reloading is done by a cylinder head.