The Different Styles And Uses Of Effusion Lamp


Effusion lamp is an amazing discovery that’s got so many health and mental benefits. There are different ways to incorporate this beautiful piece into your home style and enjoy the benefits of investing in it.

Uses of effusion lamp


Have you ever stepped into a room, and the air just smelt fresh and so good to breathe in, given a huge contrast to the toxic air, you were breathing in just a while ago from the busy streets? Well, it could, as well, be the job of an effusion lamp.

Effusion lamps can be used to oxidize air particles and obliterate airborne bacteria, thereby purifying the air. They are a very healthy option to purifying the air in the home, thereby giving your fresh, clean air to breathe.

Odor repellant

Aside from the health benefits, effusion lamps actively remove foul odors such as cigarette and tobacco odors, odors from food, cooking, and even pets. They also clear up odors from mould and wet surfaces. So, if you are battling with any of these, and your regular air freshener is not doing the job, then it is time to opt for an effusion lamp.

Effusion lamp is a great and efficient way to deodorize your space and have it sweet and welcoming.


It is an excellent choice for an aromatherapy lamp. If you or your loved one needs aromatherapy, then investing in an effusion lamp is a great choice and will go a long way in helping you achieve your aim. They are excellent for creating the right mood in your home as they come in over 300 fragrance options for you to pick from.


It is a beautiful decorative piece that can create more aesthetics in the home. Some lamps come in a very decorated and well-crafted piece that will instantly upgrade your space.

Different Styles of Effusion Lamp

Effusion lamp comes in different designs and styles. They could be in the form of luxury glass types, or hand-blown glass or mosaics. These glasses are usually sealed with non-toxic sealants to hold glitter while also preserving the glass sparkle. They are not lamps, and so, you should not use oil-based fragrances with them, but rather use alcohol-based fragrances.

Effusion lamps, regardless of the type and style, last for years if well maintained. They come in different colors and shapes. Some could be oval, rectangular, diamond-cut shape, or even round shapes. Effusion lamps are fast becoming dual purpose, serving more as a decorative piece in some homes than as a diffuser.

More and more individuals are beginning to realize just how relevant and effective it is having one of these lamps in the home not just for aesthetic purposes, but for its numerous health benefits as well.