The Ethics and Responsibility of a Criminal Defense Lawyer


When you are working with a Rochester criminal lawyer, you need to know what their duties are to you. The lawyer has to do a lot of things to make sure that you get what you need, and you must remember that you are allowed a vigorous defense for any crime under the Constitution. This means that your lawyer is going to work very hard to show that you did not do it, you were impaired when the crime occurred, you were acting in self defense, or you were coerced. Keep reading so that you know what can be done when you work with your lawyer.

Everything Is Privileged

Everything is privileged. That’s all. You can say anything to your lawyer, and it stays with them to the grave. They will die knowing so many things about so many clients. You can be sure your secrets are protected because your lawyer does not want to lose their license because they talked to someone about your case or revealed things about your case that would be damaging to you or to them. At the same time, your case should never come up again once it is closed. Your lawyer files the case privately, and they will never reveal that information to anyone unless you die.

You Should Be Honest

Your lawyer will defend you no matter what you say. You need to tell your lawyer everything because they do not want to be surprised when they come to court and find out about things that you did not tell them. This can be a very bad thing for your case, and it could seal your conviction if you lied in the beginning.

Proving You Were Not To Blame

Your lawyer has every right to cast doubt on the case that has been made by the prosecution, and they will use that information to make sure that you are not implicated.

Your Lawyer Has To Be Realistic

Your lawyer needs to be realistic when they are helping you. If they think that you should take a plea deal, you should take it. They will be honest because they have an ethical duty to take care of you and be sure that you have all the information you need.

All these things work together to make your criminal defense attorney into an advocate who can help you get through this case, prove your innocence, and move on.