Best Health Apps to Help You Watch Your Weight in 2020


With gyms closed, chances are you’ve gained a few pounds sitting at home. They may seem harmless right now, but they will compound over time after which, getting rid of them will become near impossible so you might as well start ahead while you can. Luckily, all you need is your smart device to get started. You can begin without a trainer or equipment at home with ease. The only thing you need to figure out is which app suits your needs and will work best for you and that is what we’re for.

If you have the discipline it takes to keep up an exercise routine each day, then great. But for those who can’t seem to get exercising, you’d fair better with controlling you food intake. There are a ton of apps on the market. While some are sub-par, many are good. However, they may not be the best for you. So, we’ve made a list of great apps and highlighted their strong points to help you decide which one you should follow.


Food journaling is the new thing in town and if you aren’t doing it already, then you should start now. This habit is encouraged for all those who want to shed some pounds and ensure they are consuming a healthy meal. By maintaining a diary of all the food you’re eating, you can also identify eating patterns which helps you stay understand how the surroundings and maybe your mood impacts of what you eat. Then again, since you have to write it all down, you become more conscious of what you put in your stomach and learn to exercise some restraint. A great place to start this is on the Cronometer app. You can put in all that you’re eating and their extensive database will then help you figure out the nutritional values for them. What is great about this app is that it doesn’t just break it down in terms of calories, but also tells you all about the vitamins and minerals you’re getting. This is a great insight to have when you next sit down to plan your diet.


If you’re looking to improve your relationship with food and develop healthy eating habits, then there’s only so much you can do with apps that tell you nutritional value. Sometimes you need experts guiding you and taking feedback from you for you to keep on the track of improvement and MealShare is the app for you.

Getting a dietician just for yourself can get expensive, but with MealShare you can get one for as low as $19.99 a month. If you’re willing to pay this nominal fee then this could be the best health app you’ve ever used. Another great thing about this app is that you don’t have to input all you meal details, simply take a picture and upload it. You expert will work on it and give you constructive feedback that you can use to improve your eating habits. They might advise you on portion control, ingredient changes among other things.

Oh She Glows

If you’re a meat-eater that doesn’t have a healthy relationship with their greens, then you should download Oh She Glows right away.

This amazing recipe blogs will have you falling in love with veggies in no time. Vegetables are essential for a balanced diet. If you’re not including them in your meals you’ll setting yourself for a weak immune system. They carry many minerals and vitamins that you might be missing if you have a drab diet that only includes meat, rice, flour and the like.  Unfortunately, many people follow a similar diet in the USA and it is taking a toll on their health.


If you own an iPhone you already own this app and its time you put it to use. This expert-approved app is a great well-rounded option that works to help you understand your body better. It even offers a period tracker while it helps you drop a few kgs.

This app tracks your daily steps using it pedometer and offers easy way by which to increase your daily physical activity. It also offers some other great features like tracking your food intake. And the best part is, you can store years upon years of data which will help you stay motivated when you gain weight.


Water plays a key role in helping us stay healthy and lose weight. It aids in digestion and when you’re hydrated your hair, your skin, everything feels better. What’s more, it also fills your stomach and helps you reduce your food intake.

Take it with ice, or some lemon, but drink water you must and this app is designed to help you with that. Often times we forget to get a glass of water. This app allows you to set reminders to drink water throughout the day. So, open the Playstore and start downloading it.

Final Words

These apps will make a ton of difference to your health and your lifestyle. They show you easy ways to lose weight and get healthy. All you need for this is a smartphone and a reliable internet connection. So, just give Spectrum mobile customer service a call and they’ll have you covered at home and while outside. That’s it. That’s all it takes, so go ahead and begin a healthy life today!