The Guide To Ace Class 10 Board Exams


While Class 10 students may have more than one set of exams through the academic year to analyse their performance and development in Class, the board exam or the final exam that counts the most. The marks scored in this final exam or all boards including the karnataka sslc examination board is what lays the foundation for the higher studies of the students. Hence, most students are determined to perform well and ace the board exams. Here in this article, we have mentioned some tips that the students can follow to get the best results.

Tips To Score Well In Board Exams

We already determined here that Class 10 board exam is the most decisive factor that influences every student’s future education, Now, here let us see the tips that these students can follow to prepare well for the board exams:

First and foremost, all students are advised to follow their class lessons thoroughly. These lessons are most obviously the first introduction that the students get of the topics that are being taught in class.  If most of the students are well-prepared with what’s taken in class on a daily basis, they will find it easier to revise for the board exams.

Next, make brief notes from the text and other reference materials from the class lessons. This will help students in their preparation and study for board exams.  Students can also highlight or mark out the crucial formulas and theorems from the notes, so that they are easily accessible. It is best to keep separate  chapter and topic wise notes for each subject, covered for that academic year.

Then, while studying make sure that none of the subjects or topics are left for the end. Have enough time to revise all topics and subjects at least once or twice before the exams begin. Never opt for some new book or reference material for the day before the exams. It is best to only refer to the notes on that day to go over all the topics and subjects studied.

Have a proper study plan and a regular time -table ready, which gives proper focus on subjects that are hard or require more work. Be organised and prepare hard for the exams. Also, knowing well that exams require a fair amount of writing, it is best to prepare for it beforehand.

Subject wise Tips

  • Maths is a very good scoring subject, if students are thorough with the formulas and the theorems. Practising a lot helps to gain speed
  • It is best to have a good grasp of the basic concepts of the Science subject. Theorems and formulas have to be practised a lot for better understanding and efficient exam preparations.
  • For Social, it is best to keep track of the events and dates, while also knowing the map thoroughly. Reading up a lot of reference material helps.
  • For languages, grammar and vocabulary is also equally important. Knowing these properly makes it easier to score in the subjects.

From this we can conclude that the most effective strategy that every student should follow is to have a proper study plan in place, while preparing for the every exam including for the karnataka education board examination of Class 10.

Meanwhile, it is also equally important to plan the breaks in between the studies. Never indulge too much in something that would distract the studies too much or for too long. Following all these tips, would ensure that the exam preparations are most perfect, thus making it easier for students to score well.