The Interior Designer and the Perfection in Decoration


You want to start restoring a house or renovating part of an apartment. Here is an idea which will occupy a lot of your free time in the weeks and months to come. Between the time for reflection, the various research to be carried out and the start-up of the future project, it is likely that you left a lot of energy in this project to the point perhaps of not completing it.

Some of you on the contrary will show foolproof to come to the end of this work. If, however, you do not feel like an entrepreneur or if you feel that outside help would be a plus for your project, calling on an interior designer may be the right solution for you.

Interior designer, architect or decorator?

It is important to distinguish between an architect and an interior designer. The first usually intervenes in the pre-construction part with the establishment of a ground plan for the realization of the house. He can also intervene in the modification of a dwelling on works involving a strong modification of the current plans.

  • The interior architect, as his name suggests, generally works on existing constructions (he can of course accompany the creation) mainly in the “planning and decoration” part of the project. Moreover, his activity is often equated with that of an interior designer.

The activity of the “interior designer” goes beyond the simple notion of decoration. He or she will take charge of the functional part of the habitat as part of a space redevelopment for example. And even in pure decoration, the function of the place, saving space or optimizing is always part of the action of an interior designer. Choosing a reliable HDB interior design company is important before doing any renovation works in Singapore.

When and why call on an interior designer?

With the Do it Yourself (DIY) fashion , the proliferation of TV shows on interior renovation, magazines and websites dedicated to advice, the temptation to do it yourself is ever stronger. So yes, to repaint the children’s room or change the furniture in the living room, you probably don’t need to call in a decorating professional.

  • But embarking on a large project for an entire apartment, or looking to optimize space in a small studio or an old maid’s room can quickly turn into a hassle.
  • The interior designer will provide expertise on the work, saving time, effective proposals in relation to the desired style and especially the complete management of the project with all the trades.

The other fundamental aspect of the intervention of an interior designer is the perfect mastery of the rules in force for your site, therefore compliance with the standards for the work to be carried out. It will prevent you from imagining breaking a partition when it is a load-bearing wall, or opening a window when the light supply can be done otherwise.