Things to keep in mind if you train outdoors this summer


The coronavirus crisis has also changed the way we exercise. More and more people are training outdoors and avoiding gyms and enclosed spaces. But how to do it safely and comfortably during the hottest months of the year?

Sunscreen Sunblock. 

Women in sportswear putting solar cream on the shoulder on a beautiful summer day.  Sporty woman applying sunscreen on a sports stadium.  Sports and healthy concept. Sun protection is recommended during outdoor sports activities.

In summer, our skin is subjected to UV rays from the sun throughout the day, even in shady areas. Therefore, it is advisable to use sun protection whenever we go out to train. The dangers caused by sunburn and the like are known to all and should be taken very seriously. Therefore, always use sun protection appropriate to your skin and your needs.

Wear Functional Clothing

Male runner stretching leg and feet and preparing for running outdoors.  Smartwatches or fitness trackers on hand.  Beautiful sunlight in the background.  Active and healthy lifestyle concept. Breathable garments are the most advisable for sports.

Wearing appropriate clothing during training makes even more sense during the summer. Materials that allow ventilation are recommended and tight cuts to avoid friction as much as possible. The garments should also cover a large part of the body to protect it from insect bites and the sun’s rays.

Also, the head is the most delicate area. Athletes should cover it well when exercising in the sun. A cap is ideal for repelling most of the heat and, at the same time, protects the eye area somewhat. As with clothing, the cap or hat should fit snugly.

Watch Out For Stings.

Insect bites are a nuisance that can be prevented using sprays before going out to train. Mosquitoes, wasps, or even flies. Summer is a festival for insects, which can distract or sting us. For insects, summer is high season, so it is advisable to apply a spray against insect bites and, if necessary, on the mat and clothes to fully concentrate on your performance and focus on training.

Other ideas to keep in mind, mainly if our training consists of running, can be: avoid wearing dark colors or cotton clothing; Run for sensations and forget about your usual pace and distance goals; Avoid asphalt, the heat of which radiates down to your feet, and look for dirt roads instead. And finally, readjust your expectations, considering that your body is already making an extra effort because of the heat.