Things to Know when Buying a Travel Adaptor 


Around the world, you would find 12 different types of power sockets. And, if you are international travellers, it would be of no good use for you. And for this and to solve the problem many companies have now come with data power plug (data ปลั๊กไฟ, which is the term in Thai) which would help the frustrated vacationers charge their various devices without any hassle and you would notice that not all adaptors are made equal. And here are a few things to keep in mind which would help when trying to buy an adaptor for all your device compatibility. 

Converts Plus and Not Voltage: 

One thing you should remember would be to buy an adaptor that would likely only convert the layout of the pins on the appliance. Or the charger you would be having and the voltage that would be coming out of the socket. If you see that your gear would not be able to take the voltage, then it might cause a burning smell and a non-working appliance. 

Most of the portable electronic would have sell power plug (ขาย ปลั๊กไฟ, which is the term in Thai) sticker. And on the sticker, it would be mentioned the range of voltage that it would be able to handle. And therefore, you should always carry a voltage converter as well. 

Small is Always Better: 

Travel adaptors would come in various shapes and sizes and you would find single-region adaptors as well as universal versions. And this would cover most of the countries that are present on the planet. 

Though you would see that the universal data power plug would be a good option, the extra size could sometimes cause a problem. It could be either loose or might not fit. Take the smallest adaptor which would help you in using all your devices for it. And the wider they would be the more they would block the socket. 

Do not Buy it at the Airport: 

Just like everything else, the airport is one of the most expensive places where you could go for buying things. You could very easily witness the selling power plug you found outside at specific prices, it would be three times more inside the airport. Buying the adaptor ahead in time would be of great help for you and would let you pick the exact version that you would be requiring.    

Thus, these are some of the things to keep in mind while buying an adaptor for various devices.