Things You Need To Know About CrossFit Runner Flooring and heavy duty Rubber flooring


There are some differences between this two despite both of them has there magnificent work in there own ways.

One thing they has in common is the fact that the help in protecting the floor from heavy machinery such as piso para gimnasio and so on.

Rolls suits together so well and it lie flat without issues.

The tapetes de hule has some textured surface in it.

It’s perfect regarding the use of workout equipment, such as rowing machine, treadmill and weight lifting apparatus too.

The protect the floor from damages when also protecting the machines and gym equipment from vibration.

CrossFit Flooring Material

Before any further let’s  talk about materials.

Many people that owns a gym house or hall will agree with me that rubber is the best to go when you come to CrossFit Flooring.  I’m not they type that always give one option so you can take look at other gym flooring material which are foam floor, carpet , vinyl floor and sometimes wood is good too. But the real fact is that none of this are enough to save your subfloor.

Rubber flooring is therefore the best regarding to pisos para gym

What’s the best Flooring For  CrossFit?

 Make a choice of floor is some times a big issue or problem because activities are different.

You have to make sure to make the right decision when it comes CrossFit so that you can be able to drop your heavy barbells and also be able  to do the plyometric movements.

Creating a CrossFit box  is not always easy , just so you know.

 Because there is between when it’s a traditional gym , there you  can each activity to have its own designated space. But for the CrossFit, your floor is to be build strong so it can handle everything.