Top 10 Sex Doll Torsos


The torso sex doll is the best replacement for a full body sex doll. Sex only required the part the two boobs the pussy and the ass portion and the boobs to pussy area which are required for you to cum in the body. The best example will be IL Doll. Also, it is very hard for them to take a full-body sex doll and travel with it.

The torso is the best option for those. It is really a handful and it only has the pussy ass and boobs. Which are good enough to give pleasure to your pussy. The sex doll torso has the rounded shaped boobs which nipples are so beautiful and juicy. You can also customize a sex doll to get special effects. You can have the lactating boobs in which fluid comes out from it. Which is a milkfish flavored juice.

The miniature sex doll has the same kind of boobs as you can get into big dolls. The 30-34 size customizable boobs having the same kind of feeling as your hand gets used to in a whole-body doll. The boobs are soft and beautifully crafted to give you the ultimate realization of real boobs.

News from the market, top ten sex doll torsos

  1. Angelica

In a single word, she is the goddess of sex and best among the sex doll torsos. Her boobs are mature and really fantastic. The nipples’ color also enhance the visual effect of the boobs. the boobs are made in that away by which the more you press it the more it will get the reddish color inside it and also getting softer the more you push it. The touch of the nipple to your penis is a way by which you can feel the body heat and girly touch to your penis.

  1. Nancy

If you want a boob job, then you must go for her 34 d mature boobs. The touch of the nipple to your penis is a way by which you can feel the body heat and girly touch to your penis. The ass and pussy are also very realistic and beautiful. The ass is very big and the pussy is reddish.

  1. Jacquline

If you are in search of a mature dark pussy then she is the best sexdolls for you. You will suck the pussy all day long for its sexiness. The ass is big and beautifully crafted. The ass fucking is so much enjoyable whenever you fuck it in the ass hole. The ass is waving whenever you press your penis hard inside and the ass wave comes back at you and slaps you with a magic sound.

  1. Brenda

Love that moaning sound while giving a deep throat, and then she will be best for you.  The sound you want the most at the time of ass fuck. The pussy needs a gentle push from your penis to get inside of it.  The fluid inside comes out of the pussy and soak your penis by it and the pussy now is fully ready for you to stroke various time until you cum inside.

  1. Abigail

She is the mistress with perfect pussy and huge boobs. The pussy also ejaculates at the time of fuck. You just need your finger to get inside and rub it as hard as you can then a juicy fluid comes out of the pussy which is also hot and the best thing to drink at the time of sex.

  1. Auburn

The reddish hair IL Doll torso is way better for you to grab the small boobs and take it fully inside your mouth. The pussy is beautifully crafted for a long penis to get inside and cum inside. The outside of the pussy is hard so you need a mild push to get inside and take the huge advantage of sex from the inside.

  1. Esther

This is a cute little sex doll to get you the pleasure of a relationship. The more you need the fuck the more it gives you the pleasure. This is the best way to get a good healthy sexual life. The sex with this doll is way more pleasurable than the others as it is specially built for the most pleasurable purpose.

  1. Ruth

This is specially built to fulfill the requirement of curly and blond hair. This has huge boobs which are also soft and natural-looking. These dolls are also very beautiful. The body is the perfect body structure to fuck with. The fuck with this girl gives you very lovely sleep.

  1. Catalina

If you masturbate by looking at those cheerleaders then stop masturbate. These dolls are the best for you to sex with. These customize a sex doll that is very beautiful and sexy alongside the perfect body structure. With whom you can play with all day long. The boobs are big and rounded shaped.

  1. Bridgette

If you watch the porn of a schoolgirl fucking then it is for you. It is really beautiful and good looking alongside the big boobs and ass of a schoolgirl body. The Pussy is also very tough to go with as it is very hard from outside. Like a virgin girl, its pussy is hard outside but very soft inside.