Buy a Pool Option According to Your Preferences


A hot tub and spa is undoubtedly a jewel in every garden and courtyard. They are often confused as the same thing, but they have some distinctive features. When planning your purchase, it’s important to learn their characteristics. Understanding the hot tub vs spa difference will help you decide what you need.  

Main Distinctions Between a Hot Tub and Spa

Hot tubes and spas relieve fatigue and stress, return a good mood and freshness. But both are quite different according to their functionality: 

  • Powerful hydromassage system. A spa is equipped with a larger amount of jets and water than hot tubes;
  • A wide therapeutic effect. Some spa pools are certified as therapeutic equipment. Hot tubes are designed only for relaxation but not for treatment.
  • Spacious reservoir. Due to its size, the spa pool can hold more people (up to 10) at the same time.
  • Water circulation in a closed cycle. The spa has an automated filtration system that allows you to change the water several times a year.
  • Water heating. The water in the spas is regularly heated. Therefore, you can install the spa pool outside and use it even in the cold season. 

How to Choose the Right Equipment

Regardless of whether you decide to buy a hot tube or spa, you should pay attention to a number of their technical characteristics. For example:

  • Dimensions;
  • Material;
  • Power and number of pumps;
  • The number and specificity of the jets used;
  • Availability of hydromassage programs.


So, what to choose: a hot tub or spa? The right choice will allow you to enjoy the quality and comfortable hydromassage procedures for a long time. Whatever you choose, remember, the water procedures are a guarantee of health and one of the best means to improve your appearance. Only a customer makes his final choice.