Top 3 Online Fundraising Ideas for Schools


Fundraising is a common practice among schools. To first time parents with kids going to school, fundraising could cause them to wonder. Why do schools need to fundraise? The answer is schools are simply short of budget. Of course, schools need to upgrade their facilities and they need funds for it. It could be an upgrade to their playground equipment, improvement of their classrooms, or they need updates on their books. The operating cost consumes much of a school’s annual budget, and to keep up with the increasing expense, schools resort to fundraising. There are many ways to start a fundraiser depending on the need of a school. Tapping the power of online fundraising could make a huge difference.  To learn more about the best fundraising methods, you can check out Fundraising Zone.

Fundraising for Schools using Crowd funding

Crowd funding is an alternative type of fundraising that has been practiced a very long time ago. However, the internet is not yet available in the early years of crowdfunding. It is not until the later years of the ’90s that crowd funding made notable popularity, and it was used by the music industry. Going back to fundraising for schools, crowd funding could be an advantageous alternative to raise money for a cause.

Fundraising for schools using crowdfunding involves a simple process. The school simply needs to choose a social media platform to start with. Create a fundraising page that contains eye-catching design and detailed purpose of the campaign. Ensure a great page feature and a good promotional strategy. Keep in mind that the fundraising page must be attractive enough to encourage probable supporters to donate, so put some time to create a good one.

The next thing to do is pick an online platform that will launch your online fundraising campaign. Several fundraising platforms are searchable on the internet. When picking a platform, check for their fees. Some have zero cost to start with a crowdfunding campaign website. Pick some of the best that can be found online and take some time to compare. Choose what you feel is best and right for your school fundraiser and proceed to launch your crowdfunding campaign.

Fundraising for Schools via Online Shoe Drive

The shoe drive is traditional fundraising for schools. The idea is to collect as many gently used shoes from students, parents, friends, and neighbors. Most gently used shoes would come from young kids who usually outgrow their shoes fast. The pairs of shoes collected will then be sold to a yard sale. However, using an online shoe drive will give more benefits to the school as is will ease the facilitation of the drive. The process is almost the same but there is no yard sale to promote. The good thing about an online shoe drive is that the school has to ask nobody for money nor sell anything. The school only has to find (online) an organization that helps facilitate shoe drives. There are plenty of online shoe drive organizations that help schools for this type of fundraising campaign. Instead of spending time and efforts selling the shoes, these organizations pick up the collected shoes, assess them for value and issues the school a check. Additionally, these organizations also provide everything from shoe collection, promotion and other materials used in digital marketing. The best thing about working with an online shoe drive organization is that the school can start the fundraising campaign with no upfront costs.

Event-a-thon Online Fundraising Campaigns for Schools

Marathons, walk-a-thons, bike-a-thon, and any other event-a-thons are fun and exciting ways to raise funds. This involves the participation of students, parents, and even teachers as well. However, campaigning for such a fundraiser can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding donors. Community-based donors could also limit the possibility of raising the needed amount of money for the campaign. Fortunately, using the power of the internet can bring solutions to such difficulties. The use of an online fundraising platform (that supports any event-a-thon fundraising campaign) can eliminate the most common problems encountered in starting a fundraiser. An online platform can provide the school free set up, individual participant’s donation pages, and a dedicated coach for the fundraiser.

Fundraising techniques for schools have greatly evolved with the use of modern technology. Online fundraising campaigns, with the use of several social media platforms, aided a lot in the ease of the process, minimizing startup costs, and raising the needed amount of money in a faster way. Good research will help a school find the best organizations offering such services that will fit their fundraising needs.