Top Key Items to Consider When Choosing a Paddle Boarding Class


Starting on a new activity can be quite intimidating. This is because you may not know any of its rules and regulations or the equipment needed. You need to start to familiarize yourself with all these aspects. This is true when it comes to paddle boarding. If you want to get the basics down, you may want to sign up for a beginner’s class. You will get to know everything about sup boards and the skills required to stay afloat. Making the choice about which class you want to join may need you to consider a few things including: 


You have to remember that different classes on how to use your stand up paddle board are priced differently. It all depends on the institution and the instructor for the class. It is important to find out the cost so that you can plan your finances effectively. Some classes may allow you to pay in installments while others may want the whole amount upfront. There are also institutions that charge you per session. It is up to you to not only find a class that is within your price range but also one whose payment plan in convenient for you.


Before you sign up for any class or pay for any lessons, it is important to look up the institution or instructor that you have decided on. You want to work with somebody who has been around sup boards and not only knows the basics but different techniques as well. This means that they should have experience both paddle boarding and teaching. Teaching experience guarantees that they have been different people and thus, they have developed the art of handling different temperaments and personalities. You need a patient instructor especially if you are a beginner.

Scope of the class

Another tip you should consider is asking about the scope being covered by the class before signing up. For example, if you are a beginner, you need to make sure that you end up in a beginner’s class. Signing up for an advance level class without figuring out the basics such as how to stay up on your stand up paddle board would be a disaster. You will be rushed to catch up and out of frustration, you may end up quitting. This would be a great waste of money, time and energy.