What is Benadryl best used for


Benadryl is the commercial name for the drug diphenhydramine – a popular antihistamine that is used to treat symptoms of allergies or the common cold. It can be used to treat symptoms like runny nose, cough, itching, sneezing, and sore throat.

Besides treating cold-like symptoms, Benadryl is effective in treating or preventing nausea and dizziness. Some people even use the drug to relieve tension or fall asleep.

How Does Benadryl Work?

Diphenhydramine works by blocking a natural compound in your body called histamine. The body produces histamine when you’re having an allergic reaction. Benadryl helps mitigate the symptoms of increased histamine production. It also blocks the production of another organic substance called acetylcholine, which reduces symptoms like watery eyes or runny nose.

Can I Find Benadryl at a Pharmacy?

Benadryl is an over the counter medication and can be purchased at any local pharmacy or drug store. You don’t need a prescription from a doctor to purchase the medication because the effects of the drug are fairly mild. If you have specific questions about whether Benadryl is the right medication to take for your particular symptoms, consult your local doctor or pharmacist.

Is Benadryl Safe for Kids?

Although Benadryl is a mild antihistamine it is not recommended for all age groups. Like most products on the market used to treat symptoms of the common cold, Benadryl has not been proven to work for children under the age of six. Therefore, you should not administer medication for children in that age range unless otherwise instructed by a physician.

Benadryl can be taken in a variety of different forms and not every application is safe for children. For instance, children under the age of 12 are not encouraged to take long-acting tablets or capsules. To learn whether or not a particular product is safe for children, read the instructions on the packaging or consult your doctor.