What Should You Know About The Thermage Treatment?


Thermage (เท อ ร์ มา จ, which is the term in Thai) is the new non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can help you get youthful and smooth skin. With time, your skin becomes wrinkly and loses its flair. Moreover, some of the credit also goes to our unhealthy life and all the pollution that our skin faces in day-to-day life, making the skin fade and age quickly. Losing the cellulite and weight can lead to saggy skin around other body parts such as the neck, eyes, stomach, arms, hand, and thigh loosen. However, Thermage can restore the previous youthful texture of your skin to make you look dashing like before.

For What You Can Use The Thermage Procedure?

Thermage is a unique procedure that makes use of radiofrequency to improve saggy skin. Thermage is a safe procedure and has FDA approval for skin rejuvenation. That in itself proves the credibility of the process.

The Saggy skin around your body part makes you look old, and if you are too self-conscious, it might struggle to go with your life confidently.

However, Thermage can give you back the tight and natural skin that you always desire. Here are the body parts on which you can use the skin tightening procedure.


The skin around the upper and lower eyes lid loosen, which can be due to aging. The loose skin leads to hooding, frown lines, and brow furrow that take away your attractiveness. The radiofrequency procedure can make you regain your youthful look by tightening the skin around your eyelid.


Pregnancy and losing weight are good as you are moving forward in life. However, they also lead to saggy skin around the stomach, arm, thighs, and buttock. That loose skin manifests in the form of bulges and dimples that are insightful and avoid you from wearing clothes of your choice. However, Thermage is a non-invasive procedure that helps you tighten your skin without going under a knife or leaving a lifelong mark.


Our face tells us about our health and youthfulness. Needless to say, youthful skin is smoother, tight, and wrinkle-free. Getting old takes a toll on your face skin, such as your skin losses its smoothness, starts to dry and becomes wrinkly. Thermage helps remodels collagen that reverses the effect of aging and helps you regain youthful, smooth, and wrinkle-free skin.

Who Cannot Use Thermage?

Despite being a miraculous skin rejuvenating procedure, Thermage has its limitation. The Thermage does not tighten muscle or reduce fat underneath the skin. Therefore, people that have loose skin due to loose muscle or fat cannot benefit completely by undergoing the Thermage procedure.