When you send text messages, Her behavior changes


Another common warning sign that your partner is not being totally honest is when your partner behaves strangely when texting while you are together. And, in addition, when she chat with you she is very concrete and emotionally synthesizes her day and responds to others with an emoji or a letter. That could be a sign of loss of interest.

Refuses to talk about past relationships

Are some topics banned, like your partner’s past relationships? If so, it may be because you are hiding something. If you refuse to talk about your past relationship failures from one moment to the next, it is a red flag. It’s also revealing how she responds when you ask him about her past relationships. If when you are faced with something that bothers you, your partner gets in a bad mood and expresses annoyance about it, beware.

You express your emotions in an exaggerated way. Suddenly you notice that your partner is making a fuss over something that did not bother you in the past. Also, if your emotions also change from one moment to the next, it may be that you are having a hard time dealing with what you are hiding. Or if she is suddenly more affectionate or colder or if her partner feels guilty without a particular episode involved. Make a visit to https://technosoups.com/top-5-apps-to-read-someones-text-messages-without-their-phone/ for having the best options there.

Hidden apps

Virtually all applications offer you the ability to hide conversations:

  • Archiving or hiding a conversation on WhatsApp is very simple. Just press and hold on the conversation to hide. When doing so, the option “Archive chat” is chosen and it will disappear from the screen. Likewise, it is also possible that within your cell phone you open a second space with a new WhatsApp number, which will be hidden when you change space.
  • Snapchat It is primarily a photo and video sharing app that will be erased in as little as 24 hours, unless saved manually. It is an application that people who do “sexting” use a lot, so all kinds of information can get lost in space. However, this app allows you to see the messages that arrive without opening the conversation, just by putting the cell phone in airplane mode.

There is a WhatsApp trick that allows you to read the messages sent by our contacts without having to enter the application. If you meet this requirement, then you must go to the main screen of your Android mobile and press it for a few seconds. You will notice that several options appear, one of them is called “widgets”, you will have to press it and search for WhatsApp.

This “widget” has a WhatsApp conversation, you will have to drag it to your screen and that’s it. Now you can preview the messages that your friends send you through the application and that you do not want to open for some reason.

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