Indoor Games With Children


It’s raining or it is too hot to send the kids outside to play! You want to keep the busy and not just sit them in from of the television or have them play video games all day. What can you do inside? Here are some suggestions.


Puzzles are a fun way to pass the time. Choose a puzzle with the right amount and size of pieces for the age of your kids.  Choose a puzzle with a picture the kids would find interesting. If your kids love animals, pick a puzzle with animals. In other words, choose a puzzle that your kids would think is awesome when it is completed.  Doing a puzzle with them provides a great setting for conversation and fun!


Kids love to color!  You don’t have to buy coloring books if you don’t already have them on hand.  All you need is a computer and a printer. There are many websites with free coloring pages that you can download. You can find almost anything thing to color that they would be interested in. Once you find some fun pictures, just print them out, gather the kids, pull out the coloring pencils or crayons and begin.  Of course, you need a printer that prints in good quality. If not, take it to a printer service Reston Va to get it in good working order.

Activity Games

If you are looking for a game that will get some wiggles out and provide some exercise, try the balloon game!  This is simple, yet fun game! Make a divider out of sheet or just hang up some string. Have the kids divide up evenly on either side of the divider. Have them hit the ball over the string one at a time and send it back without letting the balloon hit the floor. The side that gets it over the most without hitting the floor wins! You can mix it up too by having them hit the balloon with spoons, fly swatters, or even plastic spatulas. This game can keep them occupied and active for hours!