Why Is Cloud Hosting The Preferred Choice For Social Media Websites?


What started as basic browsing, chats, and emails has now evolved into the lifeline of modern-day life. We are talking about the Internet. Since the launch of social media platforms, the world is not the same as it was before. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc., have changed the way we socialize and brought millions of people online. A social media website receives thousands of users every day sharing heavy media files. This requires a robust website hosting plan.

Among the range of hosting options available, Cloud Hosting services in India have evolved as the preferred choice for social media sites. If you are planning to launch a social media platform and are looking for a hosting service, go through these points that can help you understand how a Cloud Hosting provider can ensure the optimal performance of your site.

1. Management of high data volumes with ease

On a social media site, people tend to share and exchange information about various things. This can be in the form of text messages, images, GIFs, videos, PPTs, etc. A social media platform tends to handle hundreds of GBs of data being exchanged every minute. Therefore, apart from high data transfer limits and high bandwidth, these sites also need a hosting plan that can manage the heavy exchange of data without impacting the site’s performance. If we compare all hosting types, Cloud Hosting is better-equipped to manage such data volumes since the hosting server is backed by a powerful cloud storage network, guaranteeing one-click resource scalability.

2. Better Site Speed

Apart from the volume of data being exchanged, social media sites also cater to thousands of visitors every day. Hence, apart from adequate resources to manage heavy traffic, the site also needs a server that can process requests at a faster rate. In Cloud Hosting, data mirroring ensures that every website’s data is replicated across a cloud network. This network has virtual servers spread across the globe. When a user visits the site, the server closest to him processes the request and reduces the loading time. Additionally, most Cloud Hosting providers use CDNs and caching software to boost site speed by up to 1000x! This makes Cloud Hosting ideal for high-traffic websites like social media platforms.

3. Automated Site Backups

All web hosting services try to offer maximum security to websites. While Cloud Hosting is considered to be one of the most secured hosting types, there is always a possibility of a malicious code getting through the security measures and causing havoc on the site. If cleaning the site is not possible, the only option left is to restore a previously working version of the website. This is where a backup comes in handy. Most site owners understand the importance of a backup and take local backups themselves. A Cloud Host also offers daily automated site backups that can help widen the security net.

Summing Up

Running and managing a social media site equates to living up to the expectation of users created by giants like Facebook, Twitter, etc. When it comes to web hosting, Cloud Hosting services offer features that can help these sites offer a seamless browsing experience. You can also opt for Managed Cloud Hosting to have a team of experts managing your hosting plan for you. The following video explains the benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting:

Further, before you start looking for the best Cloud Hosting in India, ensure that you assess your site’s needs and choose a provider and plan carefully. Good Luck!