Why Would You Want an Alternative to Coinbase?


Coinbase is by far the best for buying and selling bitcoin. It still stands strong maintaining its reputation and status, making it one of the most prominent bitcoin exchanges in the market.

Despite coinbase popularity, we cannot overlook the talk going on in the cryptocurrency world that is moving to the alternative to coinbase. Moreover, other crypto exchanges let you deal with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as HEX Coin. Regular traders and investors in cryptocurrency start to have a different opinion about coinbase. As a Cryptocurrency trader, you might be facing many issues with the Coinbase.

Here Are Common Coinbase Issues That Concern Many Traders And Investors:

Fees Structure:

Coinbase might be reputable but when it comes to acting on the complaint regarding their fee structure, they often turn their ears down.  They leverage the opportunity of being one of the popular exchange popularities to ask more fees from the people.

Extra Monitoring: 

No one likes to be questioned regarding their personal finance choices, and this is coinbase turn off factor for most people. Rigid monitoring of coinbase requires account holders to answer many questions to open account. Not cooperating can even lead to closure of your account.

Lack of Availability:

Coinbase only serves in 32 countries. If you are not from one of those listed countries you restricted to use coinbase. Coinbase is acting as a bank for cryptocurrencies that meant to be an open, borderless, and decentralized currency.


What to look for in a Coinbase Alternative?

To understand the need for moving to the alternative to coinbase, you might want to like to know what you need to fish for in the market, as there are many exchanges present nowadays.

Here are few qualities that you can use to factor out the best crypto exchange from others, for sake of understanding we will go over them one-by-one.

More option of Cryptocurrencies

There is no doubt the Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges. They are still top on the list heaviest traded cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, as a serious trader looking for new opportunities to grab or investor looking to diversify the portfolio, there are varieties of currencies to invest in the market. Few of the cryptocurrencies on the different exchanges are HEX coin, Ripple, Lite Coin Etc. that many traders might like to deal with.

Investing and moving on to new exchange requires great research and you need to have an idea about how to exchange work. Make sure to research carefully and take time to do homework about the exchange’s offering before making a choice.

An Easy-to-Understand Platform

The next thing you need to focus on is the crypto exchange needs to provide you with to be easy to use tools and interface. According to popular belief, you need to avoid the exchange if you do not know how the particular crypto exchange works. You need to know how the exchange offering HEX coin works to avail maximum benefit.


Here Are A Few Things You Need To Make Sure Before Sign-Up:

  • See the reviews about the crypto exchange and read more about the cryptocurrencies choose to buy or sell.
  • YouTube videos can offer a lot of information that can help you in making up your mind. There are many videos from crypto experts available freely on YouTube.
  • Only choose the crypto exchange that is transparent and clearly shows how you can buy and transfer cryptocurrencies from their account.

Availability in Your Country

You must opt for cryptocurrencies that are available in your currencies. You don’t want to go for a tedious process of sign –up and KYC to find out that you are not eligible to trade the cryptocurrency, afterward. The legality of cryptocurrency is still in a dicey situation varying from state to state and countries to countries, make sure to look into the legality of your region related to buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.