3 Useful Strategies On How To Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time And Get Them More Active


Modern-day parenting has its fair share of challenges. Due to the presence of smart devices, video games, social media and endless movies, more and more children are getting addicted to their screens. Research has shown that the average teenager spends more than 6 hours in a day in front of a screen. If you are a parent who is concerned about the amount of screen time that your child is consuming, then this is the right article for you. Here are some effective strategies on how you can reduce your children’s screen time and encourage them to get more active:

1. Create healthy routines and systems in your home 

Unfortunately, many parents resort to using technology as a reward for good behaviour or as a way to distract their kids when they want to concentrate and get some work done. This is one of the ways in which children can easily become addicted to technology since they place a higher importance on screen time when it is presented to them as a reward for good behaviour. Instead, you should establish a better reward and punishment system which doesn’t involve technology while also creating better routines in your household which places healthy boundaries on the amount of screen-time that your children are exposed to. For example, you can establish a rule whereby no phones are allowed on the dinner table during meal times.

2. Set a good example

It can be quite difficult for you to convince your kids to stop spending so much time on the devices when you yourself are spending countless hours gazing in front of a screen. This means that you need to set a good example to your kids getting more active yourself. Do you enjoy paddle boarding? Why not choose a lazy afternoon and get out your stand up paddle board as well as some kid sup boards then go out on the lake with your children. This is a great way for you to bond and also show them that you can still have fun without using technology all the time.

3. Provide fun alternatives

Children have an amazing amount of energy which needs to be directed towards constructive activities. This means that if you want your children to stop spending so much time on their phones then you need to give them an equally fun and productive activity to do. For instance, you can sign up your children for music lessons or if they enjoy going out in the water you can enrol them for stand up paddle board classes where they will learn how to use inflatable sup boards.