3 Ways to Overcome Depression


If you frequently find yourself burdened with sad thoughts, have lost interest in activities that you normally enjoy and have difficulty concentrating, you may be suffering from depression. There is no shame in this, and there are many effective ways to cope. Read on for a few suggestions.

See a Therapist

Therapy, either online or in-person, can be enormously helpful. Research mental health services in St. Charles IL or your city to find a professional who is a good fit. Do not be afraid to schedule visits with a few potential therapists before committing to one, since it is of the utmost importance that you feel comfortable with whomever you choose.

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Research has found that physical activity is very effective in fighting depression. In some cases, exercise can be as helpful as antidepressants! If you do not currently have a regular exercise routine, it is best to ease into things and slowly increase the intensity as you feel comfortable. Even a 5-minute walk or a few jumping jacks may help you start to feel better.

Stay Hydrated

The human body is mostly made up of water, and inadequate hydration can impede both mental and physical function. While drinking water is by no means a cure-all for depressive symptoms, it certainly will not hurt. Being dehydrated has been shown to impede the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate your mood. Carrying a large water bottle with you is a good way to ensure that you remember to drink throughout the day.

If you are living with depression, it is important to remember that there is hope. Take things day by day, and try to be kind to yourself. Stay in touch with friends and family, and do not hesitate to ask for help. You have the strength to overcome whatever challenge you may be facing.