5 Chores You Can Pay Other People to Do Around Your House


Sometimes our daily tasks are simply too much for one or even two people to knock out, especially if you are working a 9-5 job. Luckily for you, there are plenty of people willing to do your necessary home chores for an agreed-upon price. The question is, which chores can you hire out, and for how much? Most important of all, is it worth the cost to pay someone else to do the job?

When to Hire Out

Paying someone else to do your chores seems counterproductive to our wallets. We could do the job for free because we do not have to pay ourselves, this is the wrong frame of mind to be in. If we are to spend our time productively, then we must assess the worth of that time and determine which tasks will provide us with the most value.

However, it does not have to be a net positive monetarily to be worth the money. If you already spend 10-12 hours per day working, taking care of your kids, etc., then paying someone $20 to have a little more time with your family is a net positive in value. So, what can you have someone else do around your home?

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows is not a task many enjoy because it is time-consuming and often involves a ladder if you are outside. Depending on the size of your home, this can be a few hours to an all-day affair. Paying someone $10 per hour to give your home spotless windows seems worth the money and sore muscles. For better results, on a more consistent basis, consider hiring a professional window cleaning company like All Suburbs Window Cleaning to take care of those windows for you.

Lawn Car

Mowing the lawn is what comes to most people’s minds when we think of hiring out home chores. However, lawn mowing is merely one aspect of lawn care. This can span into cleaning up brush, leaf removal in the fall, planting new flowers, trimming bushes, and anything else that your lawn requires to look neat and clean.

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for our own groceries seems like one of those tasks that you do yourself. Although if you take a moment to consider how much time that task actually takes, roughly one hour a couple of times per week, you and what you could be doing with it, paying someone to get your groceries no longer seems like a strange idea.

Preparing Meals

Another task that seems odd to hire out for is cooking your meals. Hiring someone who professes in cooking can save you another hour per day and even some time grocery shopping if they provide the ingredients as well. There are also meal delivery services out there that will ship you prepared meals, all you do is assemble and eat. Check out companies like Hello Fresh for meal alternatives delivered to your doorstep.

Take Trash to the Dump

Depending on your trash situation, it may be a smart idea to hire someone to take your trash to the dump. If you do not have trash pick-up or a landfill within a few miles to drop your trash off, hiring someone to haul it away in the bed of their pick-up truck will save you another hour of time a couple of days per week.


Add up all of this time in a given week, and you have saved over 10 hours of time that you would have otherwise had to spend doing mundane tasks. You have to determine how much your time is worth and what you want to spend it doing. Once you have that figured out, prioritizing your day and paying others to do the tasks that you do not want to do becomes an easy decision.