Advantages of Choosing Your Hosting Server Location in India


When you decide to launch your website online, you need to store it on a web server. Since buying a server can be too costly, most site owners opt for a web hosting service. There are various hosting options available, like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc.

Check out the following video for a quick guide to Shared Hosting services:

Shared Hosting can be bought as a Windows or Linux Hosting service. Regardless of the choice of hosting platform or the OS, the geographical location of the server plays an important role in your site’s performance.

Today, we are going to talk about Indian websites and look at the reasons why they should consider choosing the hosting server location in India.

The importance of the location of the hosting server

When you start looking for a Shared Website Hosting service in India, most providers will offer an option of choosing a server located in India or the USA. Most site owners are unsure of the choice that would be best for their site.

The geographical location of the server plays an important role in the performance of a site. When a user visits a website, his device sends a request to the webserver. This request is processed by the server, the web page is built, and the files are sent to the user’s device. This allows the user’s device to display the site. Hence, for the webpage to load, a request needs to travel from the user’s device to the webserver, and files need to travel from the server back to the user. If the geographical distance between the user and the server is long, then the relay of information/files will take longer.

Hence, as a site owner, it is important to look for a server that is located close to the location from where you receive most site visitors.

Why should an Indian business choose a server location in India?

By an Indian business, we mean businesses that target Indians as potential customers or site visitors. Hence, if you are targeting people living in India to visit your site, then choosing a hosting server located in India will help you reduce the response time. Therefore, your site will load faster and offer better performance.

A site that loads faster is preferred by users and search engines alike. Therefore, by hosting your site in India, you can be assured of a boost in your SEO scores provided you take all other measures to improve your site speed too.

In today’s times, most people associate site speed with the performance of a brand. Hence, if they find a website taking too long to load, they abandon the brand and look at competitors instead. Hence, with a local server, you can gain the trust of existing and prospective customers too.

Summing Up

Before you buy a hosting plan, it is important to assess the geographical location that you want to target. If you are an Indian company targeting users in the USA, then choosing a US-based server makes sense. However, having your business in India and routing the requests through a server in another country will only add to the time taken by the site to load. If you are looking for the best Linux Hosting in India, ensure that the provider offers an option to choose a server that is located in India too. Good Luck!