An Introduction To Consumer Marketing


Business marketing is basically a promotion technique of organizations or people. It enables them to sell their services or products to other businesses or other organizations which resells them, makes use of them in their productions or services or uses them as collateral for the projects. It’s an effective method to advertise business and increase profit as well. And, it generally involves creating awareness, understanding the needs and interests of prospective customers, gathering information about them and their buying behavior so that you can design the right marketing strategy to reach them.

Today, we’ll discuss only one form of business marketing that involves both the creation of awareness and the selling of products. This form is called branding. A brand is a term used to identify and distinguish products from the others in the market. The most commonly used terms for this technique are branding, industrial branding and brand positioning. Learn about consumer marketing by visiting

Branding: A good name that becomes synonymous with a product develops trust, recognition and loyalty toward that product. And, this happens even before the first sale. Branding is one of the elements involved in developing a successful business marketing campaign. It starts when a business owner decides to create a brand or when he decides to make his own corporate identity for the products. Usually, it’s done by incorporating the name of the company on the products, using attractive fonts and colors and offering them at competitive prices. Business owners create a strong corporate image by doing this.

Consumer Service: One way of creating business marketing through customer service is by delivering excellent service to the customers. As a rule, business owners consider that giving the best product or service will result in increased sales. However, they realize that this won’t happen if they don’t implement a customer service program that will make their customers come back to them again. In addition, business marketers should always offer free or inexpensive gifts to their customers. This will not only help to build brand awareness, but it also builds customer loyalty.

Mass Media: There is nothing that impacts a buyer more than a hard sell. Business marketers understand this reality and use it to their advantage to persuade the buyer to buy. For example, business marketers can persuade consumers to purchase their product through mass media campaigns such as television advertisements or newspaper ads. However, to have maximum impact, these advertisements should be placed where a broad-based audience is likely to see them.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using mass media for business marketing purposes is the fact that the audience is usually a broad one. This means that not everybody who is interested in purchasing the product will take the time to check out the business. Thus, while a television advertisement may be well-placed in a high traffic area, it may not be visible to those people who cannot get to a channel on which it is aired. Likewise, newspaper ads can only reach a specific set of people. Thus, the effectiveness of these advertisements largely depends on who they are aimed at.

Internet: One of the newest forms of consumer marketing includes e-marketing. This involves marketing a business by using the internet. This is relatively new compared to other forms of consumer marketing but has proven to be successful. It is because it targets people who are already thinking about doing business with the company. On the other hand, this is an effective strategy because it reaches a target group of buyers who are most likely to buy a particular product or service.

A good marketing plan always considers all three factors. The first two are the focus of the business marketing efforts; and the third is the potential of the target market. A good marketer also takes into consideration how to get the most benefit from the consumer’s attention by making sure that his or her advertisements are not only informative but also attractively presented. Lastly, a marketer should always do something to keep their business marketing efforts on track by constantly monitoring and evaluating the results of their advertisements.