Are Radiation Blocking Phone Cases Too Heavy For Runners?


It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t always have a cell phone on them in this technical age, so we need stronger protection for our phones to reduce the risk of damage to these important devices while living our lifestyles. To try to make stronger phone cases and protect not only our devices from damage but also our personal lives, such as keeping our private information secure with the RFID blocking cell phone cases that some people are now using.

The acronym RFID refers to radio-frequency identification which can be used to steal personal data from devices. Protecting against this has become even more important in this digital age where anyone can do nearly anything online, which means all our personal information is out there in cyberspace.

 These cases can also protect against the radiation that is given off by our most used devices that can prove potentially hazardous to everyone, this danger only increases the more people who have a smartphone and the more often they are used as well as the stronger mobile data gets the stronger the radiation that comes from our devices will be. So, it is very important to consider protecting ourselves from these dangers, and RFID blocking cell phone cases are one way to do that. 

Other ways to protect ourselves not only from the dangers of radiation in our mobile phones but to aid in our overall health is to monitor our time on our phones and other similar devices as well as the younger people in our lives, helping them build healthier phone use habits.

The materials used for these cases vary from aluminum to alloy nickel and copper so the weight must vary as well. The more layers a phone case or phone wallet has the heavier it may be and the more cumbersome it may become to carry, hindering the convenience it is meant to present. Does this fact mean that some radiation blocking phone cases may be too heavy for active people like runners?

Depending on the case chosen it may or may not get in the way of your physical activities. Aluminum is by far the lightest material used for RFID blocking cell phone cases. While cases that hold more than a cell phone, like a wallet type case which can also hold credit cards, ID cards or cash can be bulkier especially when full of such items. 

For runners, specifically, they may want to look into the variety of these cases that come with armbands which allow them to strap their phone to their arm so there is no chance of it slipping from one’s pocket or having to carry any sort of bag which could decrease running times, and stamina of the runner. 

These armbands fit a variety of phone models, weigh an average of 4 to 5 ounces and like other phone wallets depending on which one is specifically chosen more than just a phone can be securely carried. They are also waterproof and sweat-proof, and most armbands are adjustable to fit most people.

Getting one of these RFID cases can be handy not only for runners and other people but for anyone who is looking to keep their data along with themselves and those around them safe. There is a case out there for you, with the specifications you need, carrying extra valuable or needed to be strapped to your arm you can find the perfect case for you.