Better and Finer Usages for Organic CBD


Have you ever heard of Cannabidiol Oil or CBD oil which is made from marijuana? This oil is said to have various health benefits. But of all these benefits, CBD Oil UK is better known for its ability to treat epilepsy, a central nervous system disorder that causes sufferers to have seizures and lose consciousness.

Effects of CBD Oil

Until now, people with epilepsy who are resistant to antiepileptic drugs (AED) are still found. Apart from being ineffective for some people with epilepsy, often the side effects outweigh the benefits that can be obtained. Currently, at least AED drugs have been used effectively in 70% of people with epilepsy. Perhaps 30% of people with epilepsy who are ineffective on AED drugs will be tempted to try alternative medicines such as CBD oil.

However, please note that Organic CBD is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant or Cannabis Sativa. In Indonesia, marijuana is a class 1 narcotic so that any product made from marijuana cannot be used for health services. This may only be used for research activities.

Impact of CBD Oil In treatment Of Epilepsy

The use of CBD oil for epilepsy is the only one that has received support from scientific trials conducted by researchers. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have even approved the circulation of the CBD Epidoleks drug, which is also extracted from marijuana to treat rare childhood epilepsy.

CBD oil’s effects are said to be very different from the intoxicating properties of marijuana. This is based on the argument that CBD oil does not involve tetra-hydrocannabinol (THC) which has hallucinogenic effects and damage to the nervous system. Even though there are many CBD oil products, they do not report in detail the contents of their products.

Positive Effect of CBD

On the other hand, there are still few studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of CBD oil for medical services. Obviously this made him risky to use. Unfortunately there are many CBD oil products that are starting to be sold in online stores citing the various health benefits of this oil.

It is better not to be easily tempted and tempted because in addition to the benefits it has not been supported by qualified research, Indonesia is also one of the countries that has not legalized its use for medical purposes. Instead of wanting to reap the health benefits that have been described, you may also experience side effects.

The limitations of clinical trials regarding CBD oil mean that its side effects have not been fully delineated. However, there are studies that show a side effect when used in conjunction with other epilepsy drugs, namely an increase in the patient’s blood pressure. In addition, there are also those who find CBD side effects in increasing liver enzymes that allow damage to the liver.