Albania is a country like no other. When you combine the country’s very fascinating history, the natural beauty, and truly magnificent landscape, as well as the hospitable and friendly people, you create a lovely community where basically anyone would want to live. With the rich history, you can be sure that there are a thousand stories and landmarks to learn about and explore making Albania a prime destination to visit if you want to embark on a cultural adventure.

 Visiting Albania for the first time, you might be shocked by the gorgeous beaches, pristine valleys, as well as amazing local cuisine. But possibly the best part of it all is that everything is made extremely affordable, from the food to even the housing. All while still maintaining a high standard of living. Houses in Albania are pretty affordable, but if you want to know where to go to get the cheapest deals possible, then keep reading and find out the cheapest places to buy property in Albania (as found by Wales Cash Buyers).

1. Peshkopia: This city lies in between the legendary Korabi mountain and the Drin River and it is one of the most traditional Albanian cities. Recently, a lot of investment has gone into developing this city and although it is still generally a quiet place, there has been an upsurge in property purchases. This indicates that Peshopia is rising in the pecking order and could soon become a very popular place to visit very soon.

2. Bajram Curri: A lovely city situated in the Gjakova Highlands close to the beautiful Albanian alps. The locals in this area are some of the hospitable you would find in the whole of Albania, which speaks very well about the people of Bajram Curri because Albanians are naturally friendly. In this city, you can live comfortably while spending very little.

3. Orikum: Orikum used to be a naval base with a set of very hardworking people who didn’t know how to efficiently utilize the resources they were provided with by nature. Thanks to the intervention of the government and the implementation of several policies, Orikum is finally beginning to realize its potential and become a powerful coastal city according to the UK company Quick Property Buyer.  Regardless of whether you buy property here or simply choose to spend a vacation in Orikum, your experience will be nothing short of charming and relaxing.

4. Rresheni: The city of Rresheni is known as one of the bases of Albanian Catholicism and the locals are also very generous and hospitable. The city is very clean and quiet, making it an ideal destination for people seeking peace and relaxation. The affordability of the city is quite evident as well, with the house prices been some of the lowest in the whole country while still retaining a good level of comfort and luxury.

5. Corovoda: Without a doubt, Corovoda is one of the most affordable cities in Albania according to the UK company John Adam Street. With its pristine nature, mouthwatering cuisine, and clean air, it is a great place to visit for some pure enjoyment. The social community is fairly vibrant while maintaining a calm and respectful atmosphere.