Combat Lightsabers


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A laser sword (otherwise known as a lightsaber) is the weapon that Siths, Jedi, and other individuals who are sensitive to the force utilize for battle. Powered by what is known as a cyber crystal, a lightsaber is a plasma blade that is emitted from the metal hilt and (for safety’s sake) can be shut off at any moment. It requires training and skill to wield, with the lightsaber only being more powerful when utilized with the force. Although lightsabers are synonymous with Jedi use, Siths will utilize them for battle as well.

Lightsabers & Battle

When it comes to defense and offense, lightsabers are generally the tool utilized for combat. Whether it be a blast door or flesh, a lightsaber can cut through just about anything. However, lightsaber attacks can blocked by weapons that conduct energy, which can include:
– Another lightsaber
– Rare metals
– Z6 Riot Cannon
– An Electrostaff
When utilized for defensive purposes, someone who is sensitive to the Force can deflect blaster bolts. If experienced enough, one can reflect shots back at the assailant or another target. Especially experienced Jedi can absorb Force lighting to attack opponents.

Practitioners tend to use single blade lightsabers, but some have used double bladed sabers or several lightsabers all at the same time.

Lightsabers & History

Lightsabers date back to the Great Scourge of Malachor (which was thousands of years ago before the Republic ages,) but it wasn’t until the Clone Wars where the lightsaber took on a more important role concerning galactic affairs. Jedi took on the role as Jedi Generals of the Grand Army of the Republic, which had them utilizing lightsabers frequently for peacekeeping.

However, the Great Jedi Purge happened after the Clone Wars and lightsabers became much more rare to come by. Jedi who used to utilize them frequently dramatically dropped due to Jedi not wanting to draw attention to themselves (post-Jedi Purge.)

During most of the Empire’s reign, the main lightsaber that was utilized was Darth Vader’s (by Darth Vader himself.) During the waning years of the lightsaber, Luke Skywalker and exiled Obi-Wan Kenobi were the only other few who utilized a lightsaber.

Luke started training the next generation of Jedi soon after defeating the Empire. Sadly, these Jedi of tomorrow were killed by the Knights of Ren and Kylo Ren himself, which ultimately lead to a time where the dark side was utilizing a lightsaber once again.

So now that we have the history of the lightsaber covered, why not carve out history with your own combat lightsabers. Whether you’re a Jedi, Sith, or a rogue,  there’s never been a better time than now to change the future of the galaxy with combat lightsabers.